Like you need another reason not to jump off the Granite Avenue drawbridge

A report that somebody jumped off the Neponset River Bridge around 8:15 p.m. brought Boston firefighters by land and sea until they got an update that the jumper was at the Granite Avenue drawbridge upstream a bit, where they met state troopers, who told them that it was a couple of kids jumping off the bridge - who came out soaking wet on the Dorchester side and then ran away when they spotted a statie looking at them.

Ed Coppinger, who happened to be right in the area, reports that 30 first responders showed up, before realizing it was just a couple of kids, not a potential suicide.



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    If there wasn't so many emotional unstable PC yuppies it wouldn't be a big deal. I jumped of the same bridge, Quincy quarries, westie quarries, c-town naval yards crane and a bunch of other bs. It's sad that you yuppies can't understand coming of age activities locals partake in.

    Shit it's a long weekend maybe I'll go take a mineral plung in crush stone. It our right.

    Ps Adam you're still a out of town yuppie until you find the 6 caves!

    So...yuppies invented emotional instability? And suicide?

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    Another big-waaaaaaah whine about how everything used to be so fakkin awesome before those yuppies came along (and don't get me stahted on the blacks). No drugs, no crime, no child-molesting priests, no drunks, and now we hear that there was no suicide or depression either! Wow--you guys really had it all, like just some big musical comedy all the time. What the hell happened?

    Thanks for the Tom Wolfe Version Writing Seiminar Sally

    Is there anyone else you want to put down and make fun of with your smug sense of superiority over that peculiar creature, the native Bostoneseis Neighborhoodis?

    30 "first responders", really second responders, when the person who made the phone call is the first responder, is the point of the post. Kids/teenagers jumping off the equivalent of an 8 foot diving board caused someone to call the authorities because they saw some people doing what has been done for decades on a warm day.

    We have people getting shot up continuously less than a mile from this spot but we need to have a Powell Doctrine level response for people just doing something fun. A phone call was made because someone couldn't understand fun and only saw an HOA violation which must be stopped in order to preserve their sense of Mid West small town values which seem to arrive with Foodies and sidewalk stealing strollers.

    I don't see anything in there about first responders

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    Only the patently idiotic statement that "yuppies"and their "emotional instability" caused this reaction. A bunch of guys in Audis and pink pants didn't respond--the cops did. Are cops yuppies now? Am I missing something? As far as I can see it's the first poster pulling the we're-so-superior card--us townies are so tough and awesome, blah blah blah. And btw I was born and bred in Boston and have no problem with poking a little fun at yuppie carpetbaggers but sorry--this one was just stupid.

    I could kind of tell and John were both on the same side of the opinion fence with a casual glance, but reading comprehension took a hit and there was probably coffee involved.

    I'm never bashful about a bit o yuppie bashing but this would be a stretch unless the original poster meant that some nervous nellie yuppie called the cops initially and made a hash of the location.

    The general agreement that getting back to urban Tom Sawyer kid routines instead of gang banging is probably the real substance of the exchange and there isn't much of an argument there.

    I don't know if you have any relatives in Watertown but that Charles River Greenway Path in back of the bus station is great if you end up over there.


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    A school board that refused to face reality and doubled down on the toxic hate and racism, and got the exact consequences that they wanted or should have expected is what happened.

    I was a kid too!

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    Not here and a long time ago but same idea. We'd swim in the "rez" or off the piers. And we got hassled by the cops constantly, occasionally arrested. We wouldn't have it any other way! That was half the fun!

    We are never going to evolve

    If we keep blocking natural selection. Somebody has to jump off the bridge or into the quarry so the rest of the herd can understand its not a good idea.

    Kinda like

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    Cyclist running red lights and hitting cars?

    Oh yeah--clearly.

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    Cyclists "hitting cars." Definitely not cars hitting cyclists, right? Or hitting each other? Or texting or snacking or drinking or speeding--no, never happens. Have you read any traffic death stats lately?

    Sorry, not the Darwin awards

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    This drawbridge wasn't a known swimming spot when I was growing up in the 80's but the bridge at Malibu (Morrissey Blvd) certainly was. As were the Quincy quarries and the piers and buildings, yes buildings, at Tenean beach.

    Kids from all over went to all these spots all day long, all summer long. Maybe 2 deaths over the years. Not much of a culling.
    Heck, we used to jump off the Malibu bridge when it was OPEN for boats coming thru. Just kids being kids.

    It was a good idea back then. I wish we could get all these kids off the corners in north Dorchester and get them jumping off bridges. Pretty sure they'd have a better survival rate.

    City Hockey

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    Coppinger over in Neponset arranging a city championship street hockey game? Play it at City Hall Plaza!


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    If a bridge is low enough that kids are jumping off of it for fun, is it really a suicide risk that requires 30 first responders? When I was a kid I used to jump ~20' into an abandoned, water filed quarry. Slightly stupid? Sure, but it was fun!


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    You can't kill yourself jumping off this bridge unless you can't swim. Cops over react on everything. And pity the foolish Yuppie who doesn't know better.

    Foolish yuppie?

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    Or elderly townie busybody needing stimulation?

    Probably a toss up or even

    ..a hybrid.

    If you think about it, the 'cult of the professional' probably showed up in the 70s on the heels of disco,

    It isn't beyond possibility for there to be growing numbers of elderly townie yuppie busybodies needing stimulation and to release the grip on the pearls. Beacon Hill is a likely early habitat.

    And our urban population is increasingly likely to become that however we continue our wistful yearning for youth and its folly.

    Won't that be a ball?

    I'll probably be dead or in Fitchburg by then.

    We used to jump off the

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    We used to jump off the bridge at Savin hill/Malibu beach . Crazy kids jumped off the Seymour icecream building at Tenean beach (they'd have to do a running jump to avoid the rocks below). I never did the quincy quarries but did do milton. As for the first responders - they thought it was a jumper from the neponset bridge rather than granite so it was a case of a nuisance call that was interpreted wrong (kids jumping off a bridge over the neponset vs the neponset bridge? You"d have to fill your pockets with rocks to do a suicide off granite bridge. I heard all the sirens from my apartment on gallivan blvd. Assumed it was a fire - Glad it was nothing.