You wouldn't think there'd be anywhere left in Boston for another Dunkin' Donuts

But the burgeoning mini-city now erupting in the Seaport area has plenty of room for caffeination. The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let a Dunkin' Donuts franchisee open a new Dunkin' Donuts at 405-409 D St., as part of a new residential development.

The proposed coffee outlet, which will have no seats, was supported by the mayor's office and the offices of city councilors Steve Murphy, Michelle Wu and Michael Flaherty at a hearing this morning. Nobody spoke in opposition.

Karen Simao, attorney for franchisee Sean Sullivan said she probably didn't have to explain the concept behind the outlet to anybody from Massachusetts, but did anyway, just in case: "You go in and order coffee, donuts, sandwiches, anything of that nature, and it is consumed off premises."



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Wait, What?

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I don't understand. How does it work? We already have a bike lane there, so it'll be perfect for double parking in while waiting for your steak & eggs sandwich

No more room? A

Are you kidding? You find me the place that has a Dunkin Donuts OVER another Dunkin Donuts. Perfect second-floor opportunity!

and owned

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by the same family. Those two dunks are probably some of the best run Dunkin Donuts' around. Always excellent service, speedy drive thru, FRESH product.. and of course, a dunkin donuts that still sells French Crullers, Jelly Sticks, and Cream Filled Donuts (which means they are hand made and not by a commissary like most dunks are now)

There's two on each side to service eastbound and westbound traffic. The Parkway is too busy to do u-turns in. (and isn't allowed at many intersections)

LOVE the cream filled donuts!

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LOVE the cream filled donuts! Not every location sells them either so its nice to find the ones that do.

No, sir!

In the humbly correcting you department, those donuts you perceived to be fresh are made at the same factory as all the other Dunks. The franchisee just chooses which donuts he wants featured in his store and they appear in that truck with all the rest.

Now, if you really want Dunkin Donuts Nirvana, the one on Rte. 18 in Weymouth is the only one that still makes their donuts in house and boy can you taste the difference. Strangely enough, it's also the biggest volume store in the entire chain but heaven forbid that the corporate idiots that own DD now figure out that if they returned to those traditional donut values...

How about....

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...A Tim Horton's!

Just so you'all can have a choice besides Stabucks and Dunkins.

No, that's not correct

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In the humbly correcting you department, those donuts you perceived to be fresh are made at the same factory as all the other Dunks.

No. Cream Filled donuts and french crullers are no longer made by franchises who get their donuts provided by the commissary. Why? because they have to be hand made, and cannot be made in large quantities because they are not like any other donut (i.e. "Shell", "Raised" and "Cake")

I know they are made at another store (this franchise owns six stores). I've asked the manager before because I worked next door part time and was there a ton of times. So I asked her why the product was so much better, and she explained it to me that the donuts are made at another store and brought in, and NOT a commissary like the Watermark franchise does. (which holds most of the franchises around, except for a spotty few)

I forgot

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to be honest. All their stores are in Everett though.

I'll find out. I gotta go back to that client (who is next door) in the next week or so to assist with her year end book keeping. I'll ask the manager when I go.

Not doubting you....but

From the Wiki entry on crullers:

In 2003, the Dunkin' Donuts chain of doughnut shops stopped carrying traditional crullers, claiming that the hand-shaped rectangular treats were too labor-intensive, and couldn't be simulated with new machines for mixing doughnut batter. The company still sells "French Crullers" which can be formed by a kind of extruding nozzle

How about Back Bay station

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How about Back Bay station which has two DD within feet from each other. I guess there's always room for Dunkins

Pelham, NH

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ALMOST right across from each other.

Google maps lists the driving time as 17 seconds, which actually seems too long.

The one on the west side of the street actually used to be directly across from the one on the east side until, I dunno, 8-9 years ago, when it moved to its present location. There's a new bank where the previous Dunkin' used to be.

Back Bay Station

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has a Dunkin maybe 50 feet from another Dunkin.

Oh. What. Joy.

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Another place to purchase my triple mocha, mocha, sugar infused, cream topped coffee shot thingy with chocolate drizzle and my munchkins in a handy "to-go" travel container that I can stick in my car's cup holder. Yumsy.


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Overpriced mudwater. McD's coffee is better and cheaper.

I have a deeper issue

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Please tell me that Councilor Wu was not at the hearing this morning, having given birth last night and all. I mean, she's a hard worker, but there are limits. Limits her OB/GYN and nurses would like her to pay attention to.

No, she was not

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For two reasons:

This was a licensing-board hearing, to which councilors rarely go anyway.

And she gave birth last night. Even a hard-charging councilor needs a break after something like that.

Yes, but

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If there ever was a politician, male or female, who would attend a hearing hours after the birth of their first, I would guess Wu would be it.

If he takes after her mother, he is probably devising a 10 point plan to for neck control, relying heavily on tummy time.

Am I misunderstanding

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Am I misunderstanding something, or are you actually carping about a hard-working politician?

You are indeed misunderstanding

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I was kind of cracking wise about how hard a worker she is. Per Facebook, she even missed the Council meeting today, but she sent out notes.

Come on, though, you saw her campaign literature. On those restless nights she'll be enduring over the coming weeks (okay, maybe months) she'll be formulating the 8 point plan for successful tummy time.

I give her 4 months of rest, but she'll probably be hard at work by New Years. That's why she is the best.

And still no CVS

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What about that other ubiquitous New England institution - CVS? The closest one to Seaport is at South Station which seems like a million miles away when you're working at the World Trade Center.


Yes, the bike lane will be blocked by cars double-parking all day (and night).

We live in the building upstairs. It's the "Seaport" but it's on D Street so not in the thick of things in the Seaport and a needed addition to the neighborhood. I hope they get the traffic (foot, preferably) that they need to succeed. The Jimmy John's that opened recently seems to be doing steady, if not stellar, business, but it's no home run.

I can't wait for idling trucks to jar me awake at 5:30 am every morning!

But, overlooking that, hooray.

PS. The hearing may have been held today but they are already built-out, complete with signage and everything. They were scheduled to open December 1. Why the hearing happens now vs. before, I dunno.

Wait, you live there?

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Where do you go for groceries?

As for the hearing, for whatever reasons, people seeking food-serving licenses who have enough money to splurge on a name-brand licensing attorney usually only schedule hearings for a week or two before they're ready to open. Dunno why, but if you told me it's so they don't get cited by police for having a license they're not using, I wouldn't have a hard time believing you - given all the bars that got in trouble a few months ago for having food-serving licenses (which, mind you, are not limited in number at all) that they weren't using.

Food shopping

We've been here three months. We started using Peapod about every three weeks, which helps for planned meals. Otherwise, we stop at Foodies on West Broadway on the way home (nine minute walk from Broadway to Flats on D). I buy bread at 7-Eleven. Yes, 7-Eleven.

We eat like college students, though. Canned soup, frozen chicken pot pie. And, we eat out. So, it's so bad. If we ate like normal people, we'd be in trouble.

Slam dunked

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I was a Dunks die hard - until this year. I've been short-changed, been informed that I was trying to use a DD perks offer twice (unh unh), and was given the royal runaround when my DD card was stolen, so that DD has become my all time hated place.

It finally dawned on me that the coffee gods were shouting to me that I should patronize the independents who actually might appreciate my business. So thanks, DD, for pushing me to go local, independent and agita-free. Coffee's better, too.