You'll be able to buy books until midnight on Newbury Street

The Boston Licensing Board today gave Trident Booksellers and Cafe, 338 Newbury St., permission to stay open until midnight.

Michael Lemanski, general manager of one of Boston's dwindling number of bookstores, said customers had been asking for an extra hour of time in which to enjoy the literary alternative to a traditional bar or pub.

He told the board at a hearing Wednesday the revenue from the extra hour will also help Trident, open since 1984, stay in business. He cited health care as an example of a cost it has been struggling with.

The mayor's office and city councilors Ayanna Pressley, Steve Murphy and Josh Zakim all supported the extra time.



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Good place

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But, I thought they've been open until midnight for years... as long as I can remember.

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Up until yesterday they were

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Up until yesterday they were only licensed until 11. And stayed open until midnight anyways

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I'm confused

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I thought they were already open until midnight? Or was that just weekends?

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Beats me

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I'm not a late-night habitue of Newbury Street, I admit. At the hearing, everybody seemed to be of the mind that the place was only licensed to stay open until 11.

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Nobody concerned?

Neighbors nor police are worried about the danger to the community if book readers roamed the streets late at night? No good happens after 10 PM!!!

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But the teenagers!

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That's a place teenagers can stay until midnight! Think of the trouble they'll cause!

Joking natch, but it was a favorite late night hangout of mine before I was of age.

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