Angry hurdy-gurdy guy shoves Keytar Bear

Musician tries to muscle Keytar Bear off downtown corner

Seconds after the shove.

At 5:43 p.m., a shocked Abby Cirella reported from State and Congress:

Keytar Bear was just pushed by other local musician.

Why would anybody push Keytar Bear? She continues:

Other musician claims Keytar Bear plays too loud. Got in his face.

Two pedestrians have called the police now. The other musician is yelling about how loud (ironic?) Keytar Bear is.

He plays a very strange accordion, first time I saw him was outside State. Wasn't playing at the time.

Hurdy gurdy guy - and his dog - who normally sit outside the main entrance to the Old State House, were last seen walking rather quickly through Downtown Crossing, BPD in warm pursuit. He managed to evade them by hopping on the T.

Keytar Bear fans vowed to protect their hero, who has been attacked rather more viciously in the past. Tikva tweets:

Keytar Bear is awesome! Does he need a posse? *fierces!*



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I don't use

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Smoke or otherwise. For me it is a matter of good public health policy.

I smell far less here in PDX and in Denver than I do after work in Boston.

How is encouraging smoking

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How is encouraging smoking good public health policy? Inhaling smoke from any burning organic matter is carcinogenic. Your DNA replication machinery doesn't care if it's a stogie, a cigarette, or a joint.

Are you sure you studied public health?

There are people who want to attack others

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When I see Keytar Bear I see a guy who is easy going, safe and even vulnerable. A guy who comes across as very open considering we see the bear and not the guy. But I believe that there are folks who attack vulnerable people because they seem to be easy targets. I remember the punks who attacked him a while back. They wanted to attack somebody and Keytar Bear looked like an easy target.

I'm sorry that the hurdy-gurdy guy went off the deep end and attacked Keytar Bear. He decided to be a bully. Now he's too scared to own up to what he did.

he is different

Historically people dont like that about other people it seems

Its unfortunate but sadly, not unexpected.

I normally see this guy right

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I normally see this guy right outside the Old State House every day, all day. If he's even playing at all its not very loud or obnoxious, and he often chats with the tourists. I've never seen him be a problem before.

Honestly, keytar bear is the only street performer in this city I actually enjoy, and I love that he's hanging out around state st lately. I love having his music echoing around the financial district.

The Hurdy Gurdy man is rude

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The Hurdy Gurdy man is rude all the time, his dog only barks at or attacks black people, dogs learn that behavior, and he has toned the noise level down recently, but hearing it all day is unpleasant and rude after more than two hours.
~someone who works nearby.

I take it this isn't the same

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I take it this isn't the same hurdy gurdy player I see frequently on Red Line stops (Davis, Porter, Harvard, namely)? He usually doesn't have a dog, but he's the only hurdy gurdy player I've spotted around town.

It is him and he's a giant douchebag

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I've had several run ins with Hurdy Gurdy man before, its the very same guy you describe, he plays a bunch of places, if he plays on the t he doesn't bring his dog. I've never met a busker who has anything nice to say about him at all, mostly because the only time he interacts with us is to harass or assault us. The last time I saw him he grabbed my mandolin, and refused to let go unless I agreed to follow his arbitrary rules, he then put his other hand on me, only relenting because I threatened to break his fucking neck if he didn't back off. every interaction I've had with him has been him harassing or attempting to strong arm me. He's a bully and needs to be dealt with.

I had no idea. I love his

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I had no idea. I love his music. I even bought a CD from him.

I think KeytarBear gets attacked a lot because people look at him and see a costume, not a person. That happens all the time in Times Sq, at Disney parks and sporting events. People see the cartoon-y character and forget that it's a person in a suit.

It happens to actors, too -- Billy Dee Williams couldn't go anywhere for years without people coming up to him and saying something like "How could you have betrayed Han Solo?"

this will probably blow your mind

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Please, I hope you're sitting down when you read this. Keytar Bear is Billy Dee Williams. I bet you didn't see that one coming.

Actually, I just made that up.

By that logic

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one could argue that Billy Bulger and Whitey Bulger are one in the same.


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Too bad you weren't able to tase him or something!

Plays in the Public Garden too

His name is Donald Heller (he's been in a few news stories) and he often plays on the bridge in the Public Garden. I busk occasionally and he once threw a fit at me because he thought I was too close to his "turf," even though I was playing an unamplified string instrument. Does not seem like a friendly guy.

Nothing creepy about it

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It's actually a lovely, mystical song if you take the time to listen to it. Jimmy Page plays the lead guitar on it.

Any harm comes to this dog

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Any harm comes to this dog because of the nasty comments here and we'll know who to blame. Dogs cannot be racist, a$$holes. Karma's a bitch.

omg no

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I was just there like an hour before.. and I even tweeted a pic.

Bah.. people really do suck.

I've chatted with the hurdy

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I've chatted with the hurdy gurdy guy, and he seemed really nice. I wonder if there's more to this story.

Territorial Pissings

Hurdy Gurdy Guy will try to drive out any other busker within a short radius. He probably thought that Keytar was "on his turf", which is to say that he didn't want him within a square mile or so.

I've seen him pull this bull before. I'm not sure why he doesn't move somewhere else.

there are some rules

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amoungst buskers,panhandlers, etc.. Everyone has their established spot and that should be respected. Keytar bear is given a pass by anyone in the city for his dumb outfit so he probably thought he could just take this guys spot.

No, it is not

See Mandolin player, above. Exactly what I'm talking about.

There is no "turf". This is public property. On the T there are designated rules, but in an open plaza? No.

Let me guess: you use space savers? Hurdy Gurdy Bully is only demonstrating the same sort of asinine entitlement to public property, backed by physical assault and verbal abuse.

I could see why a busker

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I could see why a busker would get annoyed if he was performing, and another performer with loud amplified music arrived and set up very close by.

Totally agree. The hurdy

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Totally agree. The hurdy gurdy guy and his little dog are super friendly and the guy talks to everyone. People take pics with his little dog which is is the most gentle little guy. He brings a smile to everyone's face.
That's a shame about this fight. I do feel bad for the acoustic street musicians though... they are always getting drowned out by the guys with amps and prerecorded backup music.

I often see the hurdy-gurdy

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I often see the hurdy-gurdy guy on the 71 at rush hour (inbound in the morning, outbound in the afternoon), for whatever that's worth. I've always thought he seemed like kind of a dick, but he always behaves as if he's so frail I wouldn't have expected something like this.

Yup! One of the EMT

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Yup! One of the EMT supervisors was dancing to his music. I want to say, episode 5. Great show, btw!

Does Hurdy Gurdy man really

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Does Hurdy Gurdy man really think he can evade police for long? He's the most spottable guy downtown next to Keytar Bear, Spare Change Guy and Bow-legged, Black Cowboy.