Another person in the media bitter over the loss of the Olympics

This just in from Emily Rooney:



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Well then

Boy howdy, Friday's Beat the Press just became "Must See'... ZZZZzzZZzZZzZzzzZZZzzzzzz....

I've already forgotten whatsherface at the Globe's name (Shirley Shankenstein, or something, I think). I look forward to doing likewise for whosit here.

Sorry, Emily...

You and the rest of the entitled will just have to keep the Head Of The Charles as your spot for the elite to meet and greet.

Dewey SQ!!

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Dewey SQ!!
What are we in 1932!!

What do you have against head of the Charles?

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It's a great sporting event, mostly free, brings lots of visitors and it showcases one of the sports where a city kid - or any fit kid - can walk on to a division 1 team without having any prior training or experience and possibly later compete at a national level.

The Power of 10

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Oh, Emily. There you are with "your" Twitter quip - and yet 10 other people on Twitter(per The Honorable Mayor Martin J. Walsh) seem to have "beaten" you. Get it? Like "Beat The Press"? Have a nice rest of the summer. I know those 10 other will.

PS To Universal Hub readers: I wonder what Tom Menino would have made of all this Olympic stuff.

Let me fix this comment's mistakes

This is the same woman reporter who hosted a Boston area current affairs program for nearly 20 years who made a big deal about taking the T for the first time a few months ago, right? She seems real grounded aggravating, clueless, entitled, and indicative of everything wrong with public broadcasting.

Top two reasons to hate WGBH: They killed Jazz and Blues and hired Emily Rooney.

It's sterile, timid jazz.

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WGBH is very risk averse and has to maintain tight playlists that appeal to it's imagined constituents.

The whole idea of top down radio hosts telling us what's good, is over. I was one of em once but wouldn't go back even though I could. I went to a post Thanksgiving hang out at my old radio station and it was completely depressing like some sad time warp.

Here are a few items you won't likely find at WGBH but may show up at WMBR where they keep it real and don't have huge operations costs.

Sonny Criss: Black Coffee.

Art Ensemble of Chicago: Odwalla.

William Parker: Move On Up.

The last piece is profoundly moving because of the late Amiri Baraka's spoken part and how it interweaves beautifully with Leena Conquest singing. And it's one of Curtis Mayfield's best songs.

William has been through a lot and has been my friend since the 80s.

Amiri didn't live to see his son get elected to be Mayor of Newark.

Great post

In Eric's defense every so often he'd do a spotlight show and actually play innovative stuff. But by in large WGBH played it safe in their music selections which, unsurprisingly, reflects most of their other decisions.

Viva WMBR!

He was great at the WBCN overnight.

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WGBH basically neutered him.

The BCN overnight was a whole other world and a foundation of my long appreciation of African American music. I'd drop acid and night trip just because I new it would be perfect.


Eric used to come on at 8pm (maybe earlier) each night of the week. I rarely loved his selections but he was reliable and the only place to find Jazz on local broadcast in the evening. I really like Brendan's Saturday blues show. But there's no money or glory in evening Jazz so Eric was banished to weekend nights and loyal Brendan was sent to the slaughterhouse (aka WUMB).

In my mind they killed music. As soon as they find a rich sponsor for some weekend night program Eric will be gone too.

Also, they still syndicate the horrible Bob Parlocha on the overnights which only adds to the insult. Bob Parlocha sucks as a DJ. They could staff the overnight with good locals who would work for FREE but no, they have to rebroadcast some lame DJ from California.

Bob Parlocha

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Parlocha (RIP) was (is-still recycle his shows) terrific- has has a command of the jazz lexicon and landscape....his avuncular style is perfect for the overnight slot he occupies (still) on the West Coast. Low key and gives proper credit to all key players and often has some non intrusive insights to add concerning those players - the arc of their careers etc. I would say "how dare you" but Parlocha would grab me from the grave- shake me - and say - hey be nice! Try to dig his greatness - I think you are just not catching his subtle coolness. None better actually.

Andy Rooney had the easiest

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Andy Rooney had the easiest and best job in the world and yet he still couldn't do it well. He could have talked about whatever he wanted yet he used his time to bore the nation with crap like how light bulb packaging is hard to open or how he didn't understand what the big deal about Kurt Cobain's suicide was because he had not heard of Nirvana.

It would have been great to have found a way.

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It's a good thing the No Boston Oy lympics movement provided better public discussion. Better public discussions of issues are needed more often around Boston. Will the movement expand to other issues now? And it's also regrettable not to have found a way to have the Olympics so that urban planning and development would be truly advanced over time.

Please do!

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Why don't you start discussions about issue you want discussed...right here! No time like the present. No need to put it off. Better than spending all day criticizing which is easy to do.


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But I have a hard time taking seriously any "Bostonian" who has never taken the T. I mean honestly...I've known plenty of old school Brahmin types in my life but I don't think I've ever met anyone who'd never ridden the T. For someone allegedly invested in civic life who's not, as far as we know, agoraphobic, it's just plain bizarre. We all have our niches--I've never been to Kelly's or a Bruins game (though apparently I was almost born at one) but the T is like the lowest common denominator, like Filenes Basement used to be. I don't think it's unfair to assume this woman is going to be deeply out of touch with the average Bostonian's needs and wants re urban development and planning.


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Meow Emily!

Wait isn't she the same journalist who got all excited for riding the MBTA for the first time over the winter?!? Talk about out of touch


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and why do I care what she says?

Sexy Fish?

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The twitter responses to Rooney are hilarious. There are a couple of references to her thinking Fish is handsome or sexy. I don't ever pay attention to her, so does anyone know the story behind the story?


She said something, either on air or in an interview, about how we were all jealous of John Fish because he's so handsome and successful.

EDIT: found it!

Louis Lyons

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Would have no use for all this twizzle stuff .

Oh, boo f*****g hoo!

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Oh, those poor people, weeping over the dearth of Boston's bid for the Olympics in 2024. What a bunch of spoilsports.

Adam you won. So why keep

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Adam you won. So why keep going at this Olympic thing. News a little slow this week?

Click bait

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He's still milking this thing for all it's worth.

I wish

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I will admit the traffic here was up about 30% on Monday, but part of that was because somebody on Metafilter used links to a bunch of my posts to discuss the issue (yay!) In general, though, Olympics posts here haven't generated significantly more traffic than anything else.

As for "winning," if I did, I'd be like Daffy Duck when he gets all the jewels in that cave, only he's been shrunk down to the size of an ant. I really had little or nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, I still write about it because it was a huge story, and huge stories have newsworthy falloit, including people in influential positions saying ridiculous things.

The aftermath phase is sure to linger til fall.

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It probably isn't pleasant for the 2024 underlings who are now off to unemployment.

But for the rest of who despised this preposterous over reach, we still have twists and turns to follow before it finally dries up and blows away.

One interesting element is that last gasp leaflet run. If Mahty was already eyeing an exit several weeks ago, why wallpaper neighborhoods with crap leaflets, save as a way of shunting money to the various ward foot soldiers?

And thug cousin Marty

Swearing at and threatening women at the meetings.

Did anything ever happen to fat punk Marty Walsh?

Make no mistake, Mahty was all in. He pulled out at the last second because he realized it was an anchor around his neck.

Keep it up

Always entertaining to come back again and again to see what the sore losers are lofting this time, and those people who should go build their own blogs think should and shouldn't be covered.

Adam won?

You don't think that you and me and the taxpayers won? Then again, how about those Red Sox?

Pageviews = Ad Money

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So why not just pump out cheap, easy twitter content?
Someone's got to profit from the Olympic bid and Adam clearly wants to be that guy.

French Toast

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I think the french toast made Adam butter his bread ;)

Seriously, this was the place to go for snow news. Plus.. as many out of town friends I saw in Ptown a few weeks ago who have figured out that I'm cybah on here... lots of people check out Uhub just for the comments under the articles. The space saver debates were priceless.

You're right!

Why, as we speak, Adam is just coming up from the vault in his basement, where he likes to throw gold coins up in the air and let them rain down on him like Scrooge McDuck. Arianna Huffington? Bah! NIck Denton? A piker! Adam knows the real internet money is in posting stories about people getting shot in neighborhoods some of the posters here have never even been in!

That's where the real money is! Ask little Gaffin, who will be graduating from dressage into her first Tesla soon...


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in Dad's curmudgeonly footsteps....but not in a good way.

Far worse

When Andy Rooney said "get off my lawn", it was because he at least mowed and tended it himself.

When Emily says "get off my lawn", she means for you to get out of the way of her dubiously imported landscaping labor and not topple the lawn jockey.

did she

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roll her eyes dismissively as she tweeted?

I'm offended that those for

I'm offended that those for common sense are being grouped in with protestaholic and tweetaholic kids whose primary criticisms were over the organization as a whole and nonsense like transvestite olympians rather than specifics to Boston hosting the games. This negative association can harm future legitimate concerns of citizens on such matters.

Not too bright...

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...coming from a Twitter account with WGBH in the name.

I lileky have sent my last donation to that "public broadcaster" as well.

First WBUR and their nine fund-raising emails in two days last year - expecting me to drop what I'm doing, to donate, now this.

Oh and BTW, through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, WGBH is also indirectly funded by the American taxpayer...

"Public Broadcasting. Just isn't worth it."