Braintree signals are still busted; riders grow more disgusted

Just in time for the afternoon rush, the T is warning of "moderate" delays on the Red Line to Braintree.

Flea adds:

My MBTA train is stuck at North Quincy and it sounds like an airplane about to take off.



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Better Maintenance

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The Red Line needs to be better maintained. I feel like were just throwing away money and not getting the proper service we actually deserve for our value. We all should start calling the Red Line the Misery Line.

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Better allocation of funds would help

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Enough of this "grant" nonsense that only encourages wasteful and unnecessary spending (nee decorative "improvements" to stations that do nothing to improve accessibility and installing a gazillion "I Spy on You" security cameras).

Reforming laws so that the T can actually do work without requiring a gazillion "studies", design groups, public meetings, and the like (things like these are a large part of the reason GLX is so behind schedule and over budget) beforehand would also help.

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The Red Line has the second

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The Red Line has the second-most-decrepit cars on its rails right now. (The #1 spot goes to Orange.) Nothing will change until the new cars arrive in something like three years, and the older cars - the white-and-red-painted rust buckets - are taken out behind the barn and shot.

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6:45 Medical Emergency

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at Downtown Crossing today means buses are being yanked off regular routes for service between JFK/UMass and Harvard.

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