Citizen complaint of the day: Sweet Jesus, that's a lot of raccoons

A South End citizen pleads with the city for help with raccoons at Shawmut Avenue and Haven Street:

Family of raccoons living in our neighbor's garden, our fire escape, and our upstairs neighbor's roof deck.


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The little F&*Kers?

Turkey Liberation Front

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An organization of feathered freedom fighters mostly based in Brookline dedicated to the eradicatoon of human overlords or at least the annual massacre known as Thanksgiving. Their director of social media is known to frequently post calls for an uprising here on Uhub meant to inspire trepidation in the hearts of readers that we could all wake up from a triptophane inspired nap and find ourselves in a Boston version of The Birds replete with Franklin's feathered heroes ripping our eyes from their sockets.

Fun fact

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Raccoons stay with their mom through teenagerhood, and mom raises them, teaching them how to do stuff like climb and find food. That looks like a mom and four kits. It's pretty cute.

There is a whole documentary about it on Netflix about urban raccoons in Toronto. It's very interesting.

Not so cute

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I saw that documentary too, and while it was interesting, it's not so cute of those things are in your yard or in your cellar or house. They are urban pests.

You know what's missing from this photo.....

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Is the actual complainant posing in the picture, as in what has become par for the course in Citizens Connect complaints lately. Come on, South End Citizen, pose in the picture along with the raccoons!


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If it is private property, it is the property owner's responsibility. The city will only do something if it is on city property or in a public area.


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They're foraging for food. Trash needs to be secured, meaning in something too sturdy for them to gnaw through (plastic barrels won't cut it) and locked so they can't open it (not just fastened, they're clever and can open fasteners, although you might manage it with steel cans where the lid is tied down with rope through the handles). Gardens need to be critter-fenced. They will strip a garden bare and scatter your trash all over the yard. This is the property owner's job. If your landlord doesn't provide steel barrels or a suitable enclosure, you may need to pony up for one yourself -- they're about $25 at Home Depot -- or just not put out your food scraps until trash day (always a good practice).

bungee cord for trash can best way to avoid vermin

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I loop a 3 foot long bungee cord through the top of the trash can and hook both hooks--a single cord is not enough to keep determined varmits out. I think the racoons are kind of cute too but they are wild animals with teeth, claws, and diseases.

The new street gangs

I remember driving into the parking lot behind my building one evening to see two HUGE raccoons angrily staring back at me from the garage. I guess I interrupted their dining experience...
/West Roxbury wildlife

Remove the attraction

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They are obviously coming there because they are attracted to something like food or trash, make it unattractive to them and they will go away. Living in the woods 1-0-1.