Hero reporter helps push car out of snow

Channel 7 reporter Byron Barnett, doing his live reports from some street in Somerville, finished up one report, then helped push a New Yorker having trouble getting his car down the street.

Apparently he wasn't the first, however. Jim Lokay at WCVB tweeted:

Please. I did that 2 wks ago on Boylston. And 400 others did it before me. Now, if BB could melt this stuff...

Speaking of Channel 5, Danielle Vollmar spent the morning driving around Peabody shoveling out hydrants.



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    There were just so many things wrong...

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    As I was watching that broadcast I was thinking it was like one of those "how many things can you find wrong in this picture" tests. I wouldn't have helped him until he got his @ass out of the car and cleaned it off....

    Oh, yeah?

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    Oh, yeah?

    Well MY newsguy Brian Williams pulled a Red Line train from North Quincy to JFK/UMass with nothing but a rope and his bare hands - and didn't even wrinkle his tie!