Jamaica Plain church puts new Black Lives Matter banner up

At First Baptist Church for return of Black Lives Matter banner

Charlie Rosenberg attended the unfurling of a new Black Lives Matter banner today at the First Baptist Church on Centre Street - to replace an earlier one that was ripped down.



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93% of blacks killed by other blacks, .04% killed by police

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“The fact is that 93 percent of the black people killed are killed by other black people. So if black lives matter, let us start believing that we matter.” -- former Mayor Andrew Young, (D-Atlanta)

The BLM movement lost any credibility when they shouted down a far-left Democrat presidential candidate who said, "all lives matter."

on credibilty, by a flat foot who lied to have his partners back

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Martin OMalley's campaign doesn't agree with you. He met with BLM at netroots after the protest. His campaign later issued a social justice platform

Sanders campaign hired Symone Sanders to advise him on black lives matter. He subsequently met with Deray McKesson and issued his a racial justice platform. Hillary Clinton's campaign did too.

You on the other hand, say you don't find BLM credible because of a protest in which they confronted a candidate. There's a tradition of protest at netroots. And look at the results they've got-- meetings with three candidates for president, and policy platforms from all three. I'd call that credible.

You should take responsibility for your own assessment instead of falsely claiming it's Martin O'Malley's

Moreover, you can't justify the killing of an unarmed black male by a law enforcement officer, nor the result that the officers are rarely held responsible by comparing it to a greater prevalence of black people killing black people. Those crimes are prosecuted and guilty parties are held accountable. Policemen rarely are held accountable.



Andrew Young saying numbers isn't the same as validated statistics.


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You reference a guy who obviously has a bias, trying to discredit statistics which don't mesh with his agenda.

Got it,

Statistics don't matter when it comes to constitutional rights

The point of BLM movement is to show the world the police hold a bias against one minority and this bias is so extreme this group is being unfairly targeted and sometimes killed.

Whoever else is killing blacks is irrelevant. You have the government (police) who are treating blacks differently from other groups and -- this is the important part -- they are being judged and killed by the police on the sole basis they are black.

People who dispute this fact are saying that blacks deserve to be treated differently and more harshly then other groups. If you hold this view, you are by definition a racist.

Statistics do matter

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The world isn't as black and white (pardon the pun) as some would like to project it. To understand the problem of extremely high rates of violence in the black community and very high murder rates, it's necessary to break down statistics. The overwhelming number of black murder victims are murdered by black perpetrators, a very small, tiny really, percentage of black murder victims are murdered by non-blacks. This holds true for other types of violent crime.

The City of Atlanta recently admitted (pass few years) that 100% of the murders committed in Atlanta for the year were committed by black perpetrators. The majority of victims were also black. The City of Atlanta, although having a much smaller population vs Boston (450,000 vs 650,000) has a much, much higher murder rate. FBI and DOJ crime stats routinely show, year after year, that the percentage of violent crime, especially gun related, committed by black perpetrators in the U.S., is extremely high, far higher than the overall black population of the U.S. In fact, the percentage of murders alone committed by black perpetrators is routinely over 50%, even though the black population of the U.S. is 12-13%. In other violent crime categories, the rates are even higher. And if our crime rate statistics were further broken down at the national, state, and local levels, and routinely published by media outlets and discussed by media outlets and by politicians, I believe most people would be shocked. But they aren't.

It matters because some people persist in attempting to make this violence appear to be caused by non-blacks (whites), who are racist towards blacks. They give the impression that black people are being regularly assaulted and murdered by non-blacks just because of racism. Nothing further could be the truth.

Law enforcement's interesting perspective on Black Lives Matter

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Truly, it was Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream that one day we would have a nation in which both white and black citizens could be reactionary paranoiacs with deeply weird opinions about the potential for collaboration between a secular American civil liberties movement founded and promoted in large part by women and an oppressively misogynist Islamist terror army that controls a small bit of land on the other side of the world. Thanks, Obama!

Is that Law Enforcement's perspective?

Or is that David Clare's perspective? Oh wait, he is a Christian, maybe this is a Christian crusade against BLM. Hell, why don't you just say this is what black people really think about the movement, since he is black.

BLM signs are most needed in violent black communities

per Andrew Young. Black people need to learn their lives matter so they stop killing each other or throwing their own away. White people putting up these signs in their neighborhoods where there are no blacks or unarmed blacks getting mistreated by police looks more like white guilt than helping to fix anything.


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but acknowledging preference or privilege (or guilt as you call it) is not a bad place to start. It affects and degrades us all as a nation whether yer in Marin or Mattapan. Unless you're black, latino, or other minority affected by profiling and unwarranted harassment on a daily basis, I don't think you or I have a clear perspective and need to listen a helluva lot more and speak a whole lot less...


The police, judges, politicians, and executives, etc are overwhelming white. It is this group's biases against blacks that are directly resulting in the harsh, unjust treatment by authorities which is the very crux of the BML movement.

So the best place to hang BML signs is in the areas which have highest number of people who don't think Black's lives matter. Black communities don't need a reminder, white communities do.

There is a real problem with black on black violence but that isn't the point of the BML movement. The backers of the BML movement rightly feel that if there was less social biases against blacks it would aid in the Black's desire to have the same social mobility that would allow greater opportunities for higher income that correspond with safer communities.

When it comes to violence there is far more correlation with income then with race.

Its everyone else's fault

Other minority and immigrant groups are able to advance and prosper, but it must be that whites and others have only had a grudge out against blacks, wanting to hold them back and make them kill, beat, and rob each other. Yeah, its a giant conspiracy so you wear a tin hat and talk about it on AM radio and NPR.

Plenty of blame to go around

See, it's stupid all-or-nothing arguments like this that show how little you know.

Yes, black communities share some of the blame for their plight. But to deny that long held, underlying racism isn't making it harder to advance is simply foolish. (And by foolish I mean racist and/or ignorant.)

"Other minority and immigrant groups are able to advance"

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A history of this argument:

1820: "Ugh, you Scotch-Irish are just a bunch of whiners. Look at the Germans! They're doing pretty well."
1880: "Unfortunately, the Chinaman just isn't smart enough to get a good job, and they don't work hard neither. Look at the Mexicans! They're doing better and they didn't ask for any handouts."
1920: "You know, the Irish aren't doing too too badly right now, Lord knows why the Japanese are so poor. It must be their lack of work ethic."
1980: "Japanese and Korean immigrants have oodles of work ethic, unlike the blacks. That's why they're doing so well! It has nothing to do with the fact that Asian-Americans got enormous reparations after WW2 and the Korean War."

And so on...

Make a list.

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Name the groups that have been systematically oppressed in the US for hundreds of years, then name the groups that have advanced and prospered.

2 Helpful clues

1. Native Americans aren't immigrants.
2. Africans were kidnapped and enslaved against their will, when they came to the US.

Now make a Venn diagram, do the circles overlap?

Ever hear of Ann Goody Glover?

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She was executed for being a witch right here in MA. Know whst her background was? She and her husband were 'deported' from their native land, Ireland, by the English government of that time (who had invaded Ireland with an army and took it over, one of their first colonies). They 'deporter' them to Barbados (as slaves, yes, white slaves), along with tens of thousands of others. Eventually, they resorted to 'deporting' hundreds of thousands to a penal colony named Australia. Millions more were forced to immigrate to America, Canada, Australia, and places all over the world. Glover's husband died in Barbados (probably disease), she eventually got her freedom, and ended up in Boston, a now old woman, in the late 1600s. There, she became a victim of the witchcraft craze in Boston and Salam. Cotton Mather described her as a 'scandalous' old Irish woman, a (gasp!) Roman Catholic, and of a lowly social class. These were the real reasons why she was found guilty and executed. Ireland today is one if the few, if not only, advanced first world nation with a considerably smaller population than it had in 1840.

There were white slaves and almost slaves called indentured servants who had the hope of soneday buying their freedom. If you google, you'll find actual pictures of these white slaves, usually posing with black slaves.

BTW: The first registered slave owner in the British North American colonies was a free black man. He 'owned' hundreds of slaves. Slavery, unfortunately, was common practice for most of human history, not at all unique to Africans. Even today, it's common in many parts of the world. At least American society evolved,which is more than you can say for many other societies and places.

Pretty much everybody has a sob story.

MarKKK is most needed in Arlington

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Really, stay there. Arlington needs your help. The rest of the world is doing fine without you.

(sorry, Arlington, but he's so damn toxic)

I did my part in Arlington today

Residents of a condo complex put a chain blocking a shortcut used by drivers to circumvent the downsized Mass Ave which lost a travel lane to bike lanes. Residents there had complained that traffic would increase due to the project and it did, so they closed one end of the private way.

Somebody complained that they shouldn't be allowed to close the private way.

I responded that while the road is not I-93, if they just hung a BLM banner across the barricade, they get a free pass.

cultivating grievances:cycling lanes,an affront to conservatives

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Here's another, the right wing grievance machine is hard at work in Boston:

Dan Rae is pissed I93 non-violent protestors didn't get jail time. He fails to mention their trespassing charges were continued without a finding and they were given 60 hours of community service. But he thinks justice requires jail.

BOSTON (CBS) – Fourteen protesters who blocked I-93 during a morning commute back in January were sentenced last week to sixty hours of community service with no jail time. The judge stated in his decision that part of his rationale was that they truly seemed to believe their cause was just. Do you think this decision sets a dangerous precedent? Will we see more roadblock protests because of it? Do you think the protesters should have gotten some jail time? Originally broadcast November 2nd, 2015.

Howie Carr calls the non-violent I93 civil disobedience United Against Racism 'terroristic'

Whatever happened to the old saying “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”?

It no longer applies — at least not if you’re a dirty trust-­funded white-guilt-ridden hippie in Massachusetts, because you can commit whatever terror­istic acts you want, up to and in­cluding blocking traffic and plunging the entire metropolitan area into gridlock.

They never threatened violence. Howie Carr is an asshole.

All Lives Matter

far-left Democrat presidential candidate who said, "all lives matter."

As was poignantly said in one of the other BML UHub posts, to respond to hearing "Black Lives Matter" with "All Lives Matter" is the equivalent of going to a breast cancer walk and yelling at everyone that "All Cancer Matters" as if they shouldn't be concerned with any one particular form.

The BML movement isn't denying the importance of any other group. Rather, it's a reminder that one group is consistently not considered as important as another. This is why saying "All Lives Matter" as a way of ignoring the issues behind the BML movement is so insulting. Any politician or group which prefers to ignore the problem with race relations by simply saying "All lives matter" deserves to be protested.

BLM protesters were cheering for dead cops in NYC

Where breast cancer walkers wouldn't wish colon cancer on men who didn't march with them.

That is why BLM gets some backlash, because many of them just want cops, white people, and you dead. Or they say they do anyway. Do they want change? Or dead cops? Is that why black lives matter?

Post you cell phone video

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Post you cell phone video and I'll believe you.

You are wrong about NYC.

I find it odd that you'd choose to make a claim about what happened there, when you could have made the first person witness claim that it happened in Boston and you were there to hear it. What were you doing at a black lives matter protest?

I don't have video.

Ask Charles Yancey. He was there and he heard it.

How am I wrong about NYC? Do you think those who cheered that would be against the movement?

I don't have video.

Ask Charles Yancey. He was there and he heard it.

How am I wrong about NYC? Do you think those who cheered that would be against the movement?

There are always scumbags looking for cover

Yes, there are some scumbags which are using the BML banner as a cover to do shitty things like protest cops funerals. From everything I've seen and read these people are a small minority and do not reflect the views of a vast majority of BML supporters of all races.

Using the cancer walk analogy, there are some people who set up bogus charity fundraisers in order to have a cover to scam and defrued people who are trying to do good. Knowing that some cancer fundraisers are actually scams doesn't reduce the importance of supporting cancer fundraisers.

I think the scumbags are what ruin it though.

And I also feel that many in this movement think that their main cause (police brutality) can be fixed without attacking the underlying causes (poverty, oppression and racism). And I know many of these protestors. Some of them are your regular caring people who support many causes, but many of them are there simply to be noticed themselves, and to be divisive and they will never be satisfied. They don't listen to reason, and they are irrational.

And the actual issue of police killings in terms of stats isn't really clear either. I'm still willing to say that race isn't an issue in most of the killings of civilians. Race takes a part in profiling and other aspects of law enforcement and justice, but the actual data on police shootings has so many factors to say that race is an issue other than just a number.

I'm not going to let the scumbags ruin it

If 1 in 100 BML protesters is a scumbag which do you think the media will focus on? If the point of the BML movement is to highlight racism no place is it more evident then many white's reaction to movement itself. (Depressingly, even here on UHub.)

As for police brutality and biases it would seem far more related to income where the poorer someone is (or perceived to be) the less "justice" that person receive by authorities. It might be better if BML morphed into "Poor Lives Matters". Not that it would matter much -- it's socially taboo to be outwardly racist but many feel it's just fine and dandy to be biased against the poor.

I agree but I think there is more.

The scumbags are just a small part. In Boston, (and you can ask any City counselor, and I'm talking about those who you would think would support the movement), the BLM leaders are intolerable, impossible to reason with, and are a general divisive force in any sort of discussion for change, even a positive change. These BLM leaders were here before the BLM movement became a larger political force, and they have never been able to address the issues in a healthy productive way. They don't call for dead cops, but they now have a voice that I think politicians have no idea how do deal with except to "yes" them. This stalls the important dicussions, and anyone who disagrees with them become "RACISTS!!". So people who disagree tend to be silent, further extending the problem.

Name names.

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You talk like you know what's going on. Name names.

Go stick your head back in the sand Nancy L.

In West Roxbury or wherever you live. You think your right, but you have no idea what goes on in Roxbury every night, or during the day for that matter (and you obviously don't know me or what I do, and that is the only fact we have here). You don't know any bad people in Roxbury, and you don't know any good people in Mattapan. Ever talk to Tito Jackson? Or Charles Yancey? Go ask those two guys and they will tell you straight up the problems with the BLM and how it effects their own political processes in trying to make Boston a better place for everyone.

(You are right about one thing, I probably should not just say "BLM" because those characters who are destructive to the process were here before, and will be here after BLM.)

responsible adults take action

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Lots of bills in the hopper on Beacon Hill to address concerns of BLM including criminal justice reform, school-to-prison pipeline, stop and frisk data collection, AG not DA to investigate police-involved homicides, Mayor Walsh was on the news yesterday to say police body cam pilot starts in the Spring.

This is evidence responsible adults will take action to correct bona fide issues despite the personality and tactics of those advocating for them.

Oh, do you?

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I think the scumbags are what ruin it though

And if you hadn't seen, or heard of, or imagined, some person at a BLM rally allegedly cheering for dead cops, you'd be all over that bad boy. You'd be showing us just how much you care about black lives. But, oh dear, crocodile tears, you've been prevented from doing so, because some scumbags just ruined it for you.

(and now I'm wondering just what it is you do, if you refuse to associate with any group or organization or movement or belief system that has scumbags)

No you are right lbb

And I've explained some of that in other posts (regarding who these people really are and how politically they can be too divisive to be effective)

You're right

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You start naming cops on the force who are likely to kill a black man just because they're chasing him for *suspicion* of a crime, then I want you to talk to the DA about getting any BPD cop that's broken the law to be arrested and tried in court and not just swept under the rug or handed over to the arbitration system or whatever other farcical way that DAs protect cops from the repercussions of breaking the public's trust...

...and I'll ask BLM in Boston to start naming any people they know of at their protests that just want me dead because I'm white.

If cops and DAs actually held their own to high standards, then you wouldn't see as much of this mess and BLM's primary complaint would be moot.

Also, if you think that "scumbags are what ruin it" means both sides have the same problems, you're feeding us false equivalence. You see, when cops have scumbags and they get protected by other cops and DAs, they are starting form a position of power and using that power to protect their position. When BLM has scumbags, they're all proles and have no power and no position to use to defend themselves AND the cops use the scumbags to paint them all the same color and treat them all accordingly. If you can't see how the position of power cops have changes the scales on whose scumbags are worse, then you're too far gone in the system to have a valid opinion on this.

Not so sure you know how it works either.

But first, the law does not back BLM. Courts have ruled on use of force, and BLM simply will never grasp that, and maybe you won't either (which is fine, as long as those who use reason like judges rule on it, we don't have anything to rationally fear). To expand, DA's can't charge a cop for murder in most of these cases, because of the reasonable standard of force that has been in the legal system since the Tennessee vs. Garner case back in 1985 which backs the use of force in pretty much the majority of cases BLM is protesting about now. Hell, in Ferguson, you have dozens of witness who lied about what happened! Do you really thing justice would have been served for a trial there? Stop blaming cops and DAs, and start questioning the courts and their case laws which those same cops and DAs have to follow. Cops are simply human beings with guns, and human beings with guns can only be expected to react a certain way (with some litmitations) when faced with unknown situations that someone like you would never be able to grasp, because you've never experienced it.

For your second point, you are putting words in my mouth. BLM really doesn't really effect anyone. They have zero impact on anything really, except for some expanded media coverage and some minor political impact in terms of using city resources for protests. BLM is by en large peaceful, harmless and lawful. Cop scumbags are far worse, but I never really compared the two, I simply had an opinion of one of the groups. that "power" you think cops and DAs use to protect themselves come from the judges and juries that have ruled on them, not from the power of the gun or badge.

far-left Democrat presidential candidate

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Martin OMalley is in the mainstream of the Democratic party.

Sanders is left of the Democratic center, comparable to Nixon who was left of Republican center. I.E. He founded the E.P.A. to protect the environment from corp. toxic waste. He championed Title IX. He was a pragmatic progressive Republican.

Hillary is just right of Democratic center, probably closer to the center of the national electorate, and if she wasn't... she'd end up there by Election Day 2017. She's been moving left during the primary to match Sanders' popular platform.

3.5 times more likely to be killed......

When doing the same thing? (Assaulting cops, shooting cops, engaging in criminal activity, running away, resisting arrest, doing nothing...)

3.5 times more likely doesn't mean much as a number unless you look deeper. That's one of the biggest problems with this whole issue in my opinion.

I'm a cop in Roxbury. What are the chances I end up shooting someone over the cop in Newton? What do you think the race will be?

3.5 times more likely to be killed...... Nationwide

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13% of the population identified as Black in the 2010 census. 3.5 times more likely to be killed. Are even when police are charged for wrongful death, which is rare, they a rarely convicted.

Blaming the cops for that larger issues around racism...

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is akin to blaming teachers for uneducated kids.

Although there has been a documented system of profiling and abuse towards minority citizens, this is a reflection of the larger cultural condition that has existed for centuries, and is more culturally congenital to our nation and therefore more difficult to eradicate or cure. Cops have a tough job and I have to believe most are good people. BLM is a clarion call and I have to believe most are good people. If you lost your child to bad policing or possible bigotry, isn't it natural to want revenge? Unfortunately, bad apples on both sides poison the entire crop and make reconciliation a more challenging assignment, as Pete and Yancey were saying. No doubt we have made some great strides (civil rights, etc) but man, have we a long way to go (paraphrase of an old gospel song).

Steven Hildreth Jr. gets it right on blacks dealing with police

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"So, I'm driving to my office to turn in my weekly paperwork. A headlight is out. I see a Tucson Police Department squad vehicle turn around and follow me. I'm already preparing for the stop.

The lights go on and I pull over. The officer asks me how I'm doing, and then asks if I have any weapons.

"Yes, sir. I'm a concealed carry permit holder and my weapon is located on my right hip. My wallet is in my back-right pocket."

The officer explains for his safety and mine, he needs to disarm me for the stop. I understand, and I unlock the vehicle. I explain that I'm running a 7TS ALS holster but from the angle, the second officer can't unholster it. Lead officer asks me to step out, and I do so slowly. Officer relieves me of my Glock and compliments the X300U I'm running on it. He also sees my military ID and I tell him I'm with the National Guard.

Lead officer points out my registration card is out of date but he knows my registration is up to date. He goes back to run my license. I know he's got me on at least two infractions. I'm thinking of how to pay them.

Officers return with my Glock in an evidence back, locked and cleared. "Because you were cool with us and didn't give us grief, I'm just going to leave it at a verbal warning. Get that headlight fixed as soon as possible."

I smile. "Thank you, sir."

I'm a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. According to certain social movements, I shouldn't be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities.

Maybe...just maybe...that notion is bunk.

Maybe if you treat police officers with respect, they will do the same to you.

Police officers are people, too. By far and large, most are good people and they're not out to get you.

I'd like to thank those two officers and TPD in general for another professional contact.

We talk so much about the bad apples who shouldn't be wearing a badge. I'd like to spread the word about an example of men who earned their badges and exemplify what that badge stands for." -- Steven Hildreth Jr.

Oooooh an anecdata point!

Good cops exist, yes.

Unfortunately, too many are like the worthless Police Chief in Medford who covered for a psychopath for too many years until people finally started getting undeniable video of his bullshit.

Even a retired federal marshall's complaint wasn't credible enough for Chief Enabler!

Is that an anecdote?

The chief was probably from Medford. They aren't too bright up there. I'm sure there are some bright ones but.....

Oh wait, I'm doing the same thing your doing.

Here's the problem

There is no systematic reporting of police abuse or deaths due to police in this country.


That isn't an accident.

Therefore, the only data that exist are the result of a handful of people working to get that information, and even that is incomplete.

Right and wrong Swirly

You are right about the lack of systematic reporting of police abuse and deaths in the country. You are wrong about it being an "accident" that it isn't happening, like there is some sort of wide masonic police cover up for national police reporting.

I think when you find what that data tells you, the issue isn't going to get any easier or clearer for the BLM crowd.


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So is every alleged "murder by cops in cold blood."

Even this anecdote is lame

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The man who was pulled over had a US Military ID. Given that loads of officers are former US soldiers, the only stronger "get out of jail free" card would have been one from the Fraternal Order of Police.

Run the same story, only instead of US military, make the kid just a regular kid -- with the same registered weapon. No good posture that soldiers carry, no training on how to have crisp, clear communication with a superior officer.

Think it plays out the same? I don't. And that's kind of the point, isn't it?

How can a driver not have their license out

on the dashboard (and perhaps also the registration), interior light on, radio and engine off, and hands on the steering wheel by the time the cop in a traffic stop has called in his location and walked up and asked you for license and registration? Oh, and pulling way over or in a safe, well lit place for the safety of the officer is also appreciated by police.

Drivers doing this with a minimum of visible fumbling around inside the car helps to put an officer at ease and far less likely to shoot you.

In most cases it is not a

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In most cases it is not a race issue as it is a police mentality that I am the law and you will do what I tell you even if they are wrong, Even if the cop is a real good cop or a good person in a job like this stressful job it is easy to get complacent. It is very said to hear a Deputy Superintendent tell someone that cops don't lie. Cops should be held at a higher standard in other places cops get fired for lying. That doesn't happen here. 30% to 70% of cops should not be on the job. There are plenty of people that would so the job for a lot less. There needs to be a lot more training on deescalating, in the academy and yearly training on deescalation instead of all of this riot training which riots do not happen as often as a situation that is needing deescalating, etc. and easier to fire an officer without being heavily protected by the union or civil service. GOD BLESS ALL THAT SERVE AND MAY YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION EVEN IF IT'S NOT THE POPULAR DECISION AMONG YOUR PARTNERS OR SUPERVISORS.

Now you see a bunch of

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Now you see a bunch of officers getting in trouble or getting caught in a lie with these body cameras or dash cams. I wonder how many times they have got away with it before. Not all cops are bad but not all cops are good either. I just don't believe that all these cases involving deaths have to do with race but instead mistakes and negligence.

Wow. After reading all these

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Wow. After reading all these posts I am speachless. But I do know that it is a perfect display of an ever present example of different races and backgrounds with still more work to be done. In a peaceful way.

Its sad how people are so

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Its sad how people are so blind to the REASON BLM came about. Nothing can fix the damage that's already been done. Police are suppose to help the problem not add.

Black Lives Matter

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Further up the thread you argue the problem isn't the central contention of Black Lives Matter but the tactics of some of the people in the movement. Now you argue the central contention of the movement is false. Which is it?

I didn't say it was the only problem.

I said it is one of the problems, and possibly the main one. There are many problems with the BLM movement, and with those who support it, just like there are problems with the American Police system, and those who support it.

but they are making progress

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I see. You're arguing that the central contention of Black Lives Matter movement is baseless but the problem keeping them from making progress is not their merit-less central contention but the personalities and tactics of the people in the movement.

Your ad hominem argument seems frivolous in the context of your central contention--the movement is without merit.

To date, we've seen a lot of progress at the city, state and national level so your argument that personalities are the obstacle is belied by a record of high-profile progress and Democratic candidates racial justice policy platforms.

No Wonder

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No wonder Boston tops regular lists of one of the most segregated and racist places in America, this reaction to saying Black Lives Matter is very telling. Then you wonder why Black people reject your authority so much, this is the same shit we've been dealing with our whole lives.

Stating Black on Black crime is justification for being abused and murdered by police officers lets me know exactly how you feel. It's wrong and I am going to continue fighting it.


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Name me ONE case where a cop just walked up to someone and shot them for no valid reason, which is what murder is. Go on, I'll wait...

That's not particularly hard to find.

Name me ONE case where a cop just walked up to someone and shot them for no valid reason, which is what murder is. Go on, I'll wait...


A rookie New York City police officer was charged with second-degree manslaughter and five other offenses on Wednesday for the fatal shooting of an unarmed man in a dark stairwell of a housing project last November.

Officer Peter Liang was patrolling with his partner in the Brooklyn housing project at about 11:15 p.m. on Nov. 20 when his gun discharged a single bullet, killing Akai Gurley, 28, who was in the stairwell a flight below with a female companion.

Try again

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Someone jumped out at a cop in a dark stairwell of a crime/drug-infested housing project during a drug raid. Accident, definitely. Manslaughter, sure, why not. But murder? Absolutely not.

Getting warmer

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But nonetheless, a known drug dealer who disobeyed cop's orders, tried to drive off and almost ended up dragging the cop. Try again.

Jumped out?

Someone jumped out at a cop in a dark stairwell of a crime/drug-infested housing project during a drug raid.

Here on my planet, there was no drug raid at all, only a routine patrol in a stairwell... and the victim merely entered the stairwell normally, a floor below the officer, and did not "jump out."

But you are welcome to your own interpretation of the facts, of course, if it helps you maintain your worldview.


There are degrees of homocide

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There are degrees of homocide, but if you take someone's life when there were options available you should be tried for murder.

Tamir Rice was murdered, any other profession in the USA, if your actions caused the death of a person, especially a child, you bet your ass you would out of business or changing the way you do things in a heartbeat.

Also Googling Police Murder Black comes back with over 100k results, there are several lists of Black people murdered by cops, here is one of just the unarmed victims; http://mappingpoliceviolence.org/unarmed/

Officers have options and training, I expect more from them. Give them a raise if need be but they shouldn't be killing anyone, if possible, especially not unarmed people.

Kenneth Johnson

With all due respect, Tamir Rice had a toy gun and had it out when officers showed up (They were responding to a gun call). There are probably thousands of gun calls a day in the USA, and you can't expect human beings to simply know a kid with a toy gun is going to be at that call when you show up. It was a horrible tragedy, and some questionalbe tactics by the officers, but in no way would that be considered murder in an American Court, and the courts will end up ruling that way as well.

This is one of the reason why O'Fish's comments get 80 up votes on a pretty liberal website because they see where people like you are thinking. These same people know that any reasonable human being wouldn't be able to not shoot Tamir Rice. The fact that they were cops mean nothing. If this was another parent at the playground and he came over running to help someone that he thought may need help, he would also reasonably have some expectation to react a certain way when confronted with a toy gun.

Toy gun

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A very realistic-looking toy gun in a neighborhood where (sadly) kids his age are often armed with very real guns - what other outcome can you possibly expect?

White People Commit the Most

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