At least it's already fireproof

A bit late with this, but ... Cambridge Day reports MIT is kicking out everybody who stores stuff at Metropolitan Moving & Storage so it can turn the building into some sort of studenty thing.



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    That stretch of Mass Ave

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    That stretch of Mass Ave from the MIT Student Center to Central Square has become almost unrecognizable from he way it was even a few years ago. Remember that weird little (well, not so little) antique/junk store near the storage place and the Paradise bar that always had old tables and things out front?


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    They had better not change Boston's only Rage Warehouse's optional illusion.

    Why not just cut to the chase

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    and give the entire city to Harvard and MIT? Say a 65 / 35 split (Harvard has more $)? You know if they could just squeeze out anybody not connected to these two august institutions, they'd be giggling with joy.

    They bought it, they own it

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    MIT and Harvard have deep pockets and have been gobbling up real estate for a long, long time. They haven't developed all of it, but there's probably an alarming map showing how much property they owned on both sides of the river, all bought fair and square. I can't say I like it when they buy property with a tenant who provides goods and services to the larger community and then turn it into something that only serves the university, but then I don't like a lot of things that are perfectly legal, like Donald Trump's hair.

    you beat me to it

    I'm a former insurance underwriter (and one of the last guests to rent one of the $50 Vendome suites overnight, now that I think about it). Damn few things are fireproof, as the years of training films taught me. (While they were imbuing me with a lifetime phobia. Nasty way to die.)

    More of the STEM worship San

    More of the STEM worship San Franciscoication at work.

    Storage for commoners? Hmm, are they in the service of our 20 year old future world saver designers of automatic hamburger vending machines? No? Then to hell with them. Our precious geniuses need yet another place to hover over laptops posting the dankest of memes and drink beer, er, i mean "work."

    Storage wars

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    They could probably film an entire season of Storage Wars when they close that building down.