The most Allston reason ever for Green Line delays

Budget  rental truck stuck on Green Line tracks

Plunkett Prime shows us the Budget rental truck whose driver somehow got its left tires over the curb and onto the Green Line right of way and now, of course, it's stuck, and blocking all the outbound B trolleys behind it.



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IIRC, Adam coined the term

IIRC, Adam coined the term "Storrowing," or, if not Adam, then it was someone here.

Now it's in regular use in the MSM? UHub rocks again!

What the chances of

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What the chances of "Storrowing" being uttered in a Hollywood film and eventually finding its way into the OED?

War On Allston Christmas

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Hey, Adam, can we get you to weigh in on the liberal media and their War on Allston Christmas? Look at this dreck coming from the Globe:

Not Much Cheer During Slow Start To Allston Christmas

Sure, interview a bunch of whiny undergrads who wanted to find heirloom furniture on the sidewalk, and then proclaim Allston Christmas to be a passing fad. Where's the REAL story about Allston Christmas, Steve Annear? Allston Christmas is about giving. Giving away furniture, sometimes by hurling it off the roof. Giving the finger to fellow motorists as they block 3 of the 4 lanes on North Harvard Street. Giving head lice to unsuspecting new tenants. These millenials, they just want to take and take and take.


Can we get BU to start offering a mandatory "how to NOT drive like a total fucking moron 101" class?

Can we just not allow college

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Can we just not allow college kids from Smalltown, Connecticut to drive rentals? Make them hire movers.

Can we just kick all the

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Can we just kick all the college students out, take back all the housing they use, burn down the campuses, and build businesses in their place?


What, like 1,000 more Dunkins?

Most of the businesses that line the Charles thrive directly or indirectly from students. Or perhaps you were hoping to go back 70 years to when Commonwealth Ave was nothing more then car dealerships and repair places.

You want to kick out some 20%

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You want to kick out some 20% of the population, and an even greater proportion of its frivolous spending money, plus taking away the educated young professional class that opts to stay on after graduation?

Sure, I see no possible downside to your plan.

Ya see that busted chay-ah I

Ya see that busted chay-ah I got they-ah in that public pahking space? That's my space! Don't move it pallie, aw else!

Because we locals got class unlike all those people who ah going to class.


There is perhaps nothing more cringe-worthy then someone attempting to capture the Boston accent via text.


Not to imply that our own Masshole drivers aren't Mad Max levels of insane, but drivers from out of state seem to be pretty clueless, too.

Please change the scope of

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Please change the scope of the class to include walking, especially crossing the street.

I recall from my orientation

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I recall from my orientation waay back in the day that the dean assured parents they didn't have to worry so much about their kids getting bitten by rabid raccoons as on more traditional campuses, but that their kids DID need to look both ways before crossing the street "and if possible, run."

I take it you're older than me

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because a significant portion of MY orientation was "Look both ways before you cross the street, dumbasses."

If you're just joining us

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You probably won't get ticketed in this city if you drive through a crowded playground with "Ride of the Valkyries" blaring from your speakers

Not the first time it's happened...

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...sadly, I doubt this one will lead to the best 'letter to the editor' apology note we got a few years back.

Also, I may have asked one of the cops at the corner of Walbridge and Braneird if he was there to protect us from the Brookline turkeys.

"Damn kids!"

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You old folks realize it's just as likely idiot parents driving these trucks as it is college kids, right? Nah, can't be... only young people do stupid things.

My mom once got a theatrical

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My mom once got a theatrical sigh from the driver of a fire truck when she, in the U-Haul containing all my stuff, came within inches of clipping their mirror. We still laugh-cry about it to this day, almost ten years later. Boston is a challenging town to drive in even for natives - the rest of us try our best.

Someone' Dad

This is totally the work of someone's dad. "Oh, I found a GREAT parking place right out front! I don't know what people are complaining about, there's TONS of parking in this town."

"DAD! You parked on the GREEN LINE TRACKS?!? THE SUBWAY!"

"Huh, uh, what?"