Not just union members shoveling out the Red Line today

Prison inmates are working on the line today as well.



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Slave labor

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Of course they'll be making a few dimes at most an hour, not $30.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

It's volunteer

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I'm 100% sure they ask prisoners if they want to participate. You can say no. Most do it anyways because it means getting out of the prison for the day.

Really hope so?

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The above comments are absured. Slave labor?

These are men who commented crimes and have lost the right to be part of society. In order to be invited back into society they're being punished accordingly.

Work details are for low level offenders or for guys finishing up long (10+ yr) sentences. These guys are most likely part of a pre-release program trying to help them transition after a long sentence.

When you commit crimes and are found guilty you give up some of your basic rights.

If you don't know what youre talking about don't make wildly inaccurate statements. Comparing this to slavery only make you look ridiculous.

Super low amounts of money go

Super low amounts of money go a long way in prison. A quarter gets you a couple cigarettes that you can trade for larger commissary items. Source: girlfriend's mom that's a CO.

One cigarette costs over $10

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One cigarette costs over $10 in jail!!! Don't know where the quarter amount came from....but completely inaccurate.

It's a voluntary program,

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It's a voluntary program, usually for low-security or work release guys. They get a monetary pittance, but the big draw is earning "good time" towards early release, and some cash on top of that for commissary or savings when they get out. Plus it's a big deal to go outside and break up the monotony.

Source: knew an inmate in Billerica

Is it 2 days off the sentence

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Is it 2 days off the sentence for every workday?

Source: someone who turned 21 in prison doing life without parole

Good for them.

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I'm hoping that, despite the cold, they were enjoying the exercise, the change of scenery, the fresh air and the free Vitamin D.

Good Thoughts and Many Thanks to them.


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WBUR says that it's open to pretty much anybody:

"The MBTA is paying a mix of union workers, students and anyone looking for some extra cash $30 an hour to help shovel out the transit system’s tracks."


Stealing union jobs! :-) If these inmates want to get fresh air and sunshine outdoors and make very little money at the same time, good for them.


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Prisoners shoveling? That is slave labor!!! HOW HORRENDOUS!!!