Now they've done it: Boston 2024's gotten Tito Jackson mad

City Councilor Tito Jackson gave Boston 2024 until Friday to give him the 100% unredacted version of its "Bid 1.0" for the 2024 Olympics. On Friday, Boston 2024 sent the Roxbury city councilor a note saying, in essence, sorry, Tito, no can do, there's proprietary stuff in there, but we can show you the Bid 2.0 stuff, and it's even better.

Jackson, who has latched onto the fact that one of the few actual powers the City Council has is that of subpoenaing people, has scheduled a press conference for 10 a.m. Monday to discuss what his next steps are in getting the docs that may or may not have committed Boston to something.




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Go for it, Tito!

They won't even share their plans with the elected organization that governs and controls the expenditures for the city?

Get 'em, Tito!

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Opening shot at unseating

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Opening shot at unseating Marty in the next mayoral election?

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But not even knowing who the other candidate is, I'll be voting against Marty. His uncritical support of Boston 2024 is a huge problem. He seems to be complete out of touch with the many thoughtful people of Boston who want serious answers about it.

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Tito Jackson, Michelle Wu,

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Tito Jackson, Michelle Wu, Josh Zakim, Matt OMalley, and Stephen Murphy have each, in large ways and small, tried tried to hold Boston 2024 accountable.

I can't think of one time the Mayor backed their request.

Tito has asked for bid 1.0.

Michelle Wu says city charter prohibits it from signing a blank check.

John Zakim has a four question non-binding referendum he wants the citizen of Boston to vote on.

Murphy said there's no appetite to spend public money on Boston 2024.

The mayor hasn't lifted a finger to help them.

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Being a cynic..,

is Tito just playing to the cheap seats, because with this move he will never be Mayor.

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Not really

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Pro Olympics yes, puff piece maybe, but his main point was that the Boston2024 group hasn't shown at all that they can pull this off. It's a far cry from the usual Shirley article about what dummies we are not to want this.

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What say ye, Nero

And all happening here in Boston while the fiddler is with the diddlers, in Rome.

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Oh please

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I'd take it a little more seriously if it didn't come from the "pay the gangbangers for not gangbanging" clown.

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All I want to know is this:

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All I want to know is this: who do we bribe NOT to choose Boston?

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2024 Olympics

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Lawrence 2024. Brockton 2024. Worcester 2024. These are the places that need serious investment. Boston '24 is a shameless land grab. All the so-called job creation is for carpetbaggers anyway.

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legal bribes will win out

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No disrespect to the Councilor, but as I've noted before, in the end "Neighborhood benefit funds" and similar 'bribery' will win the day.

Every neighborhood gets playgrounds, parks, athletic facilities, new sidewalks, T upgrades, etc. Friends get hired. Guaranteed construction and catering gigs for minority owned firms. Plus, of course, loads of union jobs (that our (D) council can't ingnore).

It won't matter if 2024 Version 1.0 becomes public, or if they spit on Tito's subpoena. In the end they'll sprinkle some cash around, and everyone will fall in line. Politicians won't be able to resist. Citizens either, for that matter.

That's how I see things developing.

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