As one mural in Roslindale nears completion, another one begins

Mural on Archdale in Roslindale

The Mayor's Mural Crew is nearly done with the mural on Archdale Road at Washington that illustrates a Dominican saying about how much a bird in the hand is worth - and has begun work on another mural a block away on the side of the Little People's Playhouse on Washington:

Mural on Washington Street in Roslindale



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    I like it

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    It looks great.

    Check out the Mission in SF

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    Check out the Mission in SF if you can. It's great, and hopefully Boston can expand the mural program even more. I feel like they used to have more going up a few years ago. No idea why they stopped, but it's great to see it back.

    I hate murals.

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    They make a place look cheap. It's only slightly better than graffiti.

    I love murals

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    They make otherwise dull walls look way better - and sometimes tell interesting stories.


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    dingy brick walls empty or with billboards and other sundry advertising look cheap.

    murals are awesome. muralists, both of the professional and collaborative community kind, are likewise awesome artists.

    there are a couple of walls just around the corner from my apartment that have huge paintings that periodically change in theme. I'll be damned if somehow they always find a way to change the mural really fast when no one is watching, and every so often you get the surprise of something new, bright colors and all.

    bird in hand...

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    ...still worth two in the bush? or has inflation changed this as well?