People now putting as much effort into angry notes about parking spaces as digging out those spaces

An angry note about a parking space in Inman Square in Cambridge.

Yesterday, some guy posted a note on a parking space he shoveled out on Tremont Street in Inman Square saying anybody was free to use it as long as they didn't attempt to claim it with a space saver - and that he would remove and throw out any space savers. He wrote it on orange paper, of course, to make it stand out.

This morning, Dan noticed the above reply from somebody who gave Mr. Orange Note Writer a big FU for his crappy shoveling job and telling him what he can do with his note and his threat to throw out Mr. Spent Almost as Much Time on That Note as the Space's space saver.

Your turn, Orange Note Guy.



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Dead men don't drive cars

If the notifiers kill each other, their cars will sit where they are (on the road) until the relatives dispose of them or they get towed or stolen.

On the other hand

Plenty of dead men and women seem to have handicap placards, as the state doesn't link the death certificates to the placard data base.

Really not sure which is worse

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1. A-holes who think they have the right to claim ownership on a public right-of-way.

2. A-holes who take it upon themselves to police #1.

Both are self-righteous in their own, special way.

A hole?

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Anyone who numbers their comments is an A hole. Too many people do just enough to get out of a spot and then take one that was cleaned out properly.

Please just take the mittens

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Please just take the mittens off and scrap. Get it over with and let off the steam. These long-winded, computer typed treatises are embarrassing.

I like to imagine this person

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I like to imagine this person has a small portable printer with them. They wrote this letter angrily on their phone and pulled a print out from their backpack.

A lot of details

So many proud details about the time spent, work done, family size, yet no one signs their name to it...

Two things I love about White Note

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It's justified! Typographically, that is. I love the thought of the writer taking that extra second or two in Word (well, this is Cambridge, let's make that LibreOffice) to ensure the whole thing is flush left and right.

"Literally." I love people who use "literally" to emphasize their point, like a teenager going "I literally died." It's just so fresh. Literally.

What does it even mean in

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What does it even mean in this context? Was he afraid of figuratively never hearing from Orange Note Man again?

an update for anyone who cares

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so, just a couple of things to clear up. Whoever wrote the white note was very nice to take out their space saver after I asked them to. However, other people have also been parking in that spot and were putting in their own space savers, so I wrote that orange note for general public awareness in case people were wondering why I was moving their space savers out and wouldn't take their rage out on someone else who parked there.

I went away for part of last weekend for Valentine's Day, and I came back on Monday afternoon to see that the White Note People went to a lot of effort and filled that parking spot with snow. I think they must have spent at least an hour or two to shovel in about four feet of snow into the spot. I know that there was a blizzard and if the White Note People shoveled it out themselves and claimed it with a space saver, then I would have ceded them the right because they put in the sweat. Instead they filled it with spite in the form of snow and denied our street another parking spot.

Well, my friends and I went back and shoveled it out again. It's a public space. Anyone is welcome to park there -- including the White Note People. Same rules apply. If you put a chair there, I am going to throw it away. I will continue to shovel it out after every other storm if I happen to be in town.

Take a breath

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I live on this street as well and I really don't think anyone intentionally messed with this spot. We got quite a bit of snow in that last storm and I noticed that even the spaces between my car were completely filled in with snow 12 hours after shoveling just from the plow coming by and packing it in. No one parked in this space during the last storm (probably because they are freaked out by the notes and don't want their car damaged) and it was full of snow. The street is very narrow at this point so the plow immediately fills empty spots. Of course I could be wrong but I don't think anyone did this on purpose. We all just need to take a deep breath and try to be nice to each other. It's hard to believe but it will all melt soon. And thank you for shoveling!

Hi Neighbor,

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Hi Neighbor,

I actually came back from my trip on Monday afternoon and was walking up the street to see three of the neighbors in the actual act of shoveling snow into that spot. I realize that there was a storm and that I was absent for it, and would totally give up my "right" to that spot if someone else took the effort to shovel it out. But that wasn't the case, and the street lost a residential spot for a couple of days.

To your point, I didn't post a new note this time. I'm going to revert to my original strategy of just telling people to take their space saver out if I see them leaving one there. I had thought that putting up a note would be sufficient, but obviously that's had unintended consequences.

fwiw, I ride my bike downtown

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fwiw, I ride my bike downtown to go to work, so I'm happy to just leave my car parked in a municipal lot five blocks away from my apartment, and I don't use it except for camping trips or other long distance stuff. I sympathize for my neighbors and colleagues who have to deal with the T all the time or have to put up with owning a car to get to work. I encourage you to consider cycling, but if you need a space to park in between Inman and Somerville, then I'll try to keep the spot open for you.