Society of Arts and Crafts moving from Newbury Street to South Boston waterfront

Proposed Society for Arts and Crafts in South Boston

The BRA announced yesterday that the Society of Arts and Crafts will move into space set aside for cultural uses at the almost finished 100 Pier 4 residential building.

The society, which had been based on Newbury Street for more than 40 years, was selected by the BRA and UDR, the company building the tower.

In this new location, The Society of Arts and Crafts will expand its reach and become a center for the craft and design community, connecting students, artists, collectors, and the public. A proposed artist-in-residency program will provide makers with a space to create their work in culture-rich Boston. Planned retail and exhibition galleries will show larger and more experimental work. Finally, the outdoor civic plaza will allow for collaborative and educational programming, and exhibitions can expand into this space to include public sculpture.



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    Didn't the ICA think they has this locked up or is that the other Pier 4 building that will be going up? Anyone?


    Very convenient that their (SAC) Newbury Street building gets sold (they are a tenant) for lots o'bucks only a few weeks before this is announced.

    Could have this been in the bag for a while and the fix was in to allow the landlord to cash out? See the buyer's statement on 175 Newbury Street here:

    Seems a bit, just a bit fishy that SAC gets here when the RFP announcement only went out April 7, the Newbury Street building was sold July 1. We are in a tight real estate market that does move fast, but something seems accelerated here even with bids for the RFP were due at the end of May.

    There were two other finalists in the bidding and not the ICA.

    SAC move

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    SAC has been looking to move for a while. I think their lease expired.

    Re: SAC move

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    SAC was supposed to move into a new development at 46 Wareham St in the SoWa area, but there was a rezoning issue, so the deal fell apart.


    Even I'm confused on which building is which in the glorious architectural wonderland that is the Seaport.

    Might As Well Be On The Moon

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    I used to like going to the ICA when it was conveniently located in the Back Bay. I don't care how much the seaport area has, is, or will change. The seaport will always be a dismal, inaccessible place and I will not go there. Plus it will all be underwater soon. I don't know why the SAC moved there too.