As subways, bus routes slowly improve, commuter rail remains the province of the damned

Crowded North Station

We started seeing reports of pleasant rides on the T today. Except from commuter-rail riders, who continue to find themselves jammed into stations waiting for trains that never come, or leave, or, who knows, even exist at all. Claire Blechman was among those trying to get into North Station this evening.

Down the Greenway, Heather Parker went up for a view of the floor at South Station. She wonders if some dance music would help.

Crowded South Station



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Your headline made me crack up

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I'm one of the damned waiting at North Station for a train to Salem. Not looking too promising... Maybe I should just sleep here and avoid the hell coming in tomorrow AM waiting on a platform in -20 wind chill for a train which will never come.

It's Electric!

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Maybe the T should play this over the the PA system. We might even have a flash mob start.. (key word there being mob..)

(You're welcome for the ear worm)

On a different not-so-cheese scale, this might be better suited:

Edit: I forgot how awesome Suburban Train is!

Maybe this has always been

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Maybe this has always been the case, but has anyone noticed an increased police presenceon commuter rail platforms? I wonder if the MBTA is worried about fights. Too many frustrated people in a small, enclosed space is bound to cause some trouble at some point. That there haven't been riots yet shows how great the strength of the community.

I've been noticing extra

I've been noticing extra police and security out everywhere. Lots of police cars in my city (Quincy) square and on my neighborhood streets, with no clear emergency going on.

My doctor's office today even had two security guards standing by the registration desk. While I often see them in the building (which is large and multi-use, including a Dunkin Donuts, a college, and state and federal government offices), I have never actually seen them in the medical office.

A special thank you

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To the men and women who have shoveled the T out of this mess, the soldiers, convicts, union workers and college kids you represent the best of Boston Strong. That being said the MBTA is going to have to explain how they wasted millions on expensive snow removal machines that failed miserably and the plastic shovel and a strong back was the solution.

You said it, Adam! I was there in the horror of it all.

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Stuck at South Station waiting for the 6:15pm Franklin/Forge Park until 7:30pm (delay of 75 minutes).

Stood for 1 1/2 hours, waiting as the times kept getting updated to longer and longer delays.

Left a whole lot of folks at the Station waiting for trains that were severely delayed (40-55 minutes or more). They are going to have a long night.

Considering stashing nips in my pocket at this point.

Totally and irrevocably disgusted.


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- that rail and light rail have been somewhat crippled by multiple significant storms in quick succession which are difficult to dig out from; and
- that we have another potentially significant storm slated to arrive Saturday night with a little snow and then a large quantity of rain at near-freezing temps which at best will make the remaining snow harder to move and at worst will flood areas where drainage is blocked and/or end as a thick layer of ice

I'd like to propose that the T buy a lot of tarps and insulating pads and the like. When they shut the system down Saturday night, cover everything important that they can. It would be nice to not lose ground on Sunday.