Those are some smooth mashed potatoes in the sky over Boston

Unusual clouds over Boston, as seen from Roslindale

Jessica Burko shows us the view towards downtown from Roslindale around 1 p.m. She called them "a giant sky quilt wanting to snuggle" (so maybe she's tired, while I'm hungry).



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I see mountains

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I see a mountain range. The hills are alive with the sound of rainfall.

please tell me

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please tell me you don't eat instant potatoes, which do produce the smoothest mashed potatoes.


I will admit, I keep a box around in my pantry, only because it works well as a thickener if I add too much milk/butter/cream cheese to my potatoes.


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Because the Burger King name was taken at the time the US Burger King started up in Australia.

I think these clouds are

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I think these clouds are called Undulatus asperatus. Saw them for the first time on my college campus a few years back and didn't know what kind of weather we were in for. Storm of the century? Tornado (didn't grow up in MA)? Hail? What?

It actually didn't produce a single drop of rain and it was really cool to look up and stare at.