TRIAL TROUBLES: Local TV station in hot water with Hernandez judge

UPDATE: Judge bars one specific WHDH photographer from courthouse and jury.

WCVB reports the judge in the Aaron Hernandez case is considering banning Channel 7 from the courthouse after jurors reported one of its vans followed them yesterday and somebody inside took a picture of their license plate.



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    "Followed" them? Maybe

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    "Followed" them? Maybe Channel 7 was just going on a Dunkin run before heading back to the studio.

    I like the headline

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    But you really need to lead off with "New at 12:30" and close with "what this means for your weekend, at 6"

    Dumbass live shots

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    "Well, Biff and Tiffany, it's quiet here outside the school now at 11:00, but 12 hours ago there were some VERY TENSE MOMENTS when someone saw the strap of a backpack hanging out of a locker"


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    Wants out of the trial if you ask me.

    clearly not the case

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    Since both jurors who reported this were questioned by the judge and affirmed that they were confident it wouldn't affect their ability to deliberate. If they wanted out, they could have said they were intimidated or prejudiced by it.

    Interesting that

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    WHDH's home page says nothing about their van except for "Two jurors questioned in Hernandez case." Is this supposed to encourage people to serve as jurors?


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    Burn them at the stake.

    Pathetic Producer?

    Ridiculous Repoter,? Klutzy Kameraman? Judgy Judge? Let's hear it for the mouth breathers and their equally vacuous audience at the Aliteration Station.

    Saw on Twitter that the judge

    Saw on Twitter that the judge was about to talk to the jurors @ 945 - went to the WHDH live stream to watch. The judge proceeded to lay into WHDH for a couple of minutes, then the video feed mysteriously froze. A coincidence, I'm sure.


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    I was watching this unfold on twitter also.. The judge is pissed!

    Would someone translate?

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    "Two jurors have reported that yesterday a particular WHDH-TV van was at the parking lot, was looking at jurors, was driving after cars and one the jurors got behind it (news van) and took a picture of the license plate (of the news van)," Garsh said

    This sounds like the juror took a photo of the news van's plate.

    Multiple Jurors

    The news van followed the jury van to the lot where the jurors were parked. The news photographer took a photo of a juror's license plate AND another juror then tailed the news van and got a photo.

    That's how I mentally sorted this out.

    Disgusting TV "News"

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    I don't own a television, but I admit to watching the online stream from WHDH, basically to see the weather forecast. The rest of their so-called "news coverage" is appalling; nothing but crumbs of information, with regurgitation of sensationalized national/world and celebrity gossip stories.

    Particularly stomach turning are the self-promotions they constantly do; ludicrous claims that you can "trust" them for everything you "need to know". The thought that some people actually do is frightening!


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    WHDH, like its sister station WSVN (in Miami) is the front runner of the of "Tabloid News" format. They basically mirrored WSVN, which is a nasty format. Makes"Xtra" or "Entertainment Tonight" seem like real news by comparison.

    Lots of people watch WHDH and like it. I can't stand it, if i wanted flashy graphics and sound, I'd stare into a strobe light while listening to Trance, and it would be more informative.

    I myself occasionaly watch WCVB. I find it to be less flashy, and more newsy. i was a faithful viewer of WBZ for many years.. gave up as they decided to go the route of WHDH and become 'flashier'.

    Memories Of Sally Fitz

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    WSVN's Sally Fitz pioneered the technique of emotionalizing her delivery so as to sensationalize even the most benign stories. It's now commonly used by nearly all TV news anchors and "reporters", but Sally Fitz was first and foremost.

    The above clip is later in her career; Rick Sanchez is there as a protégé, still learning from Sally.

    They dragged the others down too

    Back in the day WHDH was consistently last in the ratings but their viewership ratings spiked when they converted to the tabloid format. This caused a bit of a panic at channels 4 & 5 so they started trying to make their newscasts a bit flashier to fend off the competition. A sinking tide lowers all boats too I guess.

    WHDH says...

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    This morning, in the Aaron Hernandez trial, the judge questioned 7News as to any impropriety with the jury in the case. 7News did not approach any juror or talk to any juror. We also did not videotape or take pictures of any juror. We are continuing to work with the court and investigate the situation.

    That's it.


    I'd like to point out...

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    "approach" is not the same as "follow," and the allegation is that they took pics of license plates, not jurors themselves. So this statement could be accurate if the allegation is true.

    high five

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    Let's hear it for careful wordcraft!

    I also just saw this

    I also just saw this statement and what it doesn't say is particularly damning. They deny taking pix of a juror, but don't deny taking pix of the license plate or following a juror.

    Btw, love your screenname.


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    WHY were they taking pictures of the license plate?

    Did they want to see if they could run the plate and see who it was?

    I wouldn't put it past 7.

    I wouldn't put it past 7 (Note: I generally like 7 for its entertainment value). They could easily find the owner with a plate. Happens all the time online when someone innocently posts a pic of a car without blurring the plate.

    I can't think of another

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    I can't think of another reason why. It'd help them track down a juror quicker once the verdict's announced. "Exclusve! First words from a Hernandez juror! ONLY ON 7!!!!!!!!!"

    Sorry, but jury deliberations

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    should remain secret even after the trial is over. And any juror who talks to the media upon completion of the trial (or publishes a book, etc.) should be charged with contempt of court.


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    That makes absolutely no sense.

    So, you'd have no problem with opening

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    the jury room to the media so they can "live tweet" during the deliberations. Because allowing the jury to spill their guts about what went on during supposedly secret deliberations, even if it's "after" the verdict is rendered, is the same thing.

    Frances Rivera

    Super awkward how Frances Rivera (excellent former WHDH reporter) is being forced to report about this while co-hosting her show with Thomas Roberts from 1-3 on MSNBC. She hasn't disclosed that she actually came from there today. Typically she likes to mention her time in Boston.


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    Let's ban all cameramen/women from courtrooms. Not to mention the "live tweeters".

    WIth respect to the First Amendment, there is NO legitimate reason to have immediate coverage of a trial as it's happening. It's a serious legal proceeding, not a NASCAR race.

    i have

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    I agree with ya roadman.. but I've said this before about the Tsnarnev trial and I was ripped to shreds over it on here.

    Like you, I'm tired of seeing this and really wonder the 'news' factor of doing it this way other than just 'being the first to post about it'