Walsh: Boston 2024 will release the secret chapters

This statement just in from Mayor Walsh:

The question of releasing the original bid documents has become an unnecessary distraction in what should be a constructive civil discourse about the future of the City of Boston. It's important that we continue our focus on building a concrete and sound plan that is shaped by community input and brings long-term benefits to the City of Boston and its residents. As a result, I asked Boston 2024 to provide the original bid, in its entirety, for public review. Both Boston 2024 and the United States Olympic Committee fully support the release of these documents in order to maintain an open and transparent process.

The chapters, from Boston 2024's original bid to the US Olympic Committee, involve the financing and political support for the proposed 2024 games.

And when the mayor talks, Boston 2024 listens, unlike when mere city councilors talk.



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Yes now that it's become apparent the city will subpoena the documents and generate negative press for the olympics, it turns out we have been interested in sharing the documents all along.

"Maintain an open and transparent process"?

Wait, if there was a transparent process already in place, why does the council need to threaten to subpoena?

Jesus fucking Christ, this idiot actually thinks people are as stupid as he is. I cannot wait to see this corrupt scumbag's concession speech.

Hahaha.. you wanna see transparent?

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How about non existent pothole fills?


This isn't really a 2024 item, but it does shed light on the child like faith in the cult of marketing over in Walsh world.

Some may recall he made a bit of a fuss early on about dispatching his paladins to examine the city at granular detail levels and give an assessment of its situation. I don't know what became of this "Domesday Book" mission but it hasn't done much for basic plebeian city service things like pothole patches.

The Walsh solution seems to be to tout Potemkin repairs or simply claim that they happened.

This is what you have manning the helm of the good ship Boston. It is a real confidence builder.

Release both

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Release both versions, one and two, in their entirety at the same time. Then everything is on the table.


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The question of releasing the original bid documents has become an unnecessary distraction in what should be a constructive civil discourse about the future of the City of Boston.

One man's "unnecessary distraction" is another's "proof that these people are not to be trusted to bring back change from a Dunkie's run, let alone be given access to the city's checkbook and entire civic agenda".

And now this from Boston.com

“Mayor Walsh and I spoke, and I agreed with him, that we should release the full version of the preliminary bid package (Bid 1.0) to the public in order to continue to maintain this high standard of transparency,” Pagliuca said.

Steve, preach that HIGH standard!

Yeah. Considering they can't

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Yeah. Considering they can't even release a one-sentence statement without stuffing it with disingenuous nonsense (commonly known as "lies"), I have zero confidence that the "Bid 1.0" docs that will be released will be the actual 1.0 docs circulated to the Mayor and other pols.

Discworld standards

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I'm reminded of a line from Terry Pratchett's "The Truth," where a character muses that "'entirely transparent' meant that you could see right through them or that you couldn't see them at all."

Today's 2024 tidbits.

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The Herald rooted around and found this truffle.

Evan Falchuck weighs in with a minor understatement..

Evan Falchuk, who is pushing a ballot question barring state tax money being spent on the Olympics, said he has doubts about the 

“You can’t have a person who’s been paid indirectly by Boston 2024 be the person deciding whether what Boston 2024 says is any good, and expect that the public be confident in what she was saying as being independent,” Falchuk said.


LA is sneering at Boston again.

In Boston this week, a city council member threatened to subpoena documents from the original proposal the 2024 bid committee submitted to the USOC.

Boston edged out Los Angeles in a competition to be the sole U.S. bidder. Since then, its campaign has suffered from low public support.

Potential host cities must apply to the International Olympic Committee by mid-September. While the USOC has continued to support Boston, it wants to see stronger poll numbers.


And WBUR serves up the sort of maybe this/maybe that muddle we've come to expect from the Nice Polite Republican mouthpiece.

Political strategist Tobe Berkovitz says, coming in the middle of the summer as this debate is, it probably doesn’t matter who which side has more to lose.

“I doubt that whether you go to the local ice cream shop or to the beach, that the main topic of conversation is going to be the debate that’s coming up,” Berkovitz said. “I just don’t see it on the average person’s radar. Unless there’s a big gaffe one way or the other, I just don’t see this as shifting opinion very much.”

But shifting opinion is exactly what Boston 2024 has been told to do. The board of the US Olympic Committee met late last month with leaders of Boston 2024 and dined with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. USOC Chair Larry Probst said afterward public support numbers needed to improve “relatively soon.”


Hey, now!

Just because the Chief of Staff of our fair city couldn't find the Galleria Umberto on a map doesn't mean he's a politically connected kid whose balls just dropped and is helping his girlfriend while building his brand at the City's potential expense?

Why would anyone think that?