Anger flares in East Boston over changes to plans for old library building

The East Boston Times reports on angry exchanges at a recent community meeting over what the East Boston Development Corp. now wants to do with the old Meridian Street library, for which it won a bid to redevelop.



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    Museum of Realist Art

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    A few years ago there was quite a bit of talk that it might be turned into a Museum of Realist Art. There were articles in the Globe and everything. It's too bad that fell through. It would have been nice to have something like that around there. It also would have been nice if they had saved and restored the historic, ornate Seville Theater which was recently razed to make way for the usual luxury housing. A working theater along with a museum would have given that area a whole new lease on life instead of the same old luxury housing side by side with decrepitude.

    I agree, that entire stretch

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    I agree, that entire stretch of Meridian street has a lot of rich history and story telling from the theatre to maritime history to 75 % of the old homes which each can tell a story of its own, it would have been great to reserve that historic Library for local historical displays and art, it would have been quite fitting.

    I think the title could be

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    I think the title could be shortened to "Anger flares in Boston over changes" and be used for pretty much every development.