Art stage called Tilt-Down Fence goes up in Fields Corner

Tilt-down fence goes up in Dorchester's Fields Corner

Turlach MacDonagh watched a performance at BR+A+CE's Tilt-Down Fence next to an MBTA bus stop in Fields Corner yesterday. The group describes the project as "7 ladder bench+table systems" with a purpose:

The fence is a metaphor and has purpose. It’s a climbing structure [metaphor: the economic ladder] and a framework for adults to gather, support and network towards upward mobility. Being sited near the MBTA public bus stop, Tilt-Down Fence will also serve the community at large, the VietAID Au Co pre-schoolers, parents and the elderly population.

Photo copyright Turlach MacDonag. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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    Serving the community??

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    It's art. Maybe it's interesting. But it's not "serving the community" and it sure as hell isn't a "framework.....for upwards mobility". What a crock of glorified poo.

    I had to read the Dorchester

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    I had to read the Dorchester Reporter article linked below to get what this art was about. So I understand your initial disdain. But it does actually serve the community. It provides them w/ benches and picnic tables that can be folded up and down, thus facilitating community-building interactions. Maybe that's too high-falutin' a hope. But it is in a spot that people already gather, a bus stop. No doubt transit users appreciate a seat when they can get one.

    The artists are saying those interactions forward upward mobility, which many sociologists and urban planners believe. Hence the metaphor with the climbing structure that the benches and tables are mounted to.


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    I shouldn't let a good (bad?) headline get in the way of the facts. Kept the headline up, but changed the post so it doesn't make it sound like they just installed the thing on Saturday.