Leaking acid bottle in a FedEx truck shuts Beacon Street near Kenmore Square at start of rush hour

Truck with leaking acid bottle near BU dorm

Hazmat crew works on package as other firefighters maintain their distance. Photo by Liz Porcari.

The Boston Fire Department reports a bottle of hydrochloric acid started leaking in the back of a FedEx truck parked outside BU's Myles Standish Hall on Beacon Street, at Bay State Road, around 4:45 p.m.

The intersection was shut as the hazmat unit arrived to deal with the situation; BU Police told people to avoid the area.

Around 5:35, the bottle was packed in a larger container for disposal by a company that specializes in such things; the "hot zone" around it sprayed with neutralizing foam.



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    Fastest coverage in Boston

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    After hearing cop cars fly down Mass Ave. towards Beacon St. about 10 minutes ago and hearing helicopters hovering about 5 minutes ago, I wanted to see what was going on.

    I checked boston.com, bostonglobe.com, all 4 local news channels & websites and even Boston Police twitter accounts. NONE had any info on this.

    Congrats for having such a fast-reporting site, Adam!!! You literally beat all Boston media to this story!!!


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    Credit really goes to all the folks on Twitter who "@'ed" me with reports; I'd just gotten back from picking daughter up from school and had no clue anything was going on (same with the Dedham train fatality). Also, BFD does a great job tweeting from the scene.

    thanks, Adam

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    thanks, Adam

    we wondered what all the helicopters were doing over here...

    Every time I think I've seen

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    Every time I think I've seen the most ridiculous over-reaction by the public safety apparatus, I read another news story the next day.


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    Adam, you rock. This is the first place I turn to now for breaking Boston-related news. Even if I have to read the occasional insult about my town just outside of Boston. (Hint: gobble gobble).


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    That's what I checked when I was sitting in traffic on the bridge and seeing lots of blue lights.