Bannon not showing up at Harvard after all

The Crimson reports. Don't worry, the protest is still on.



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    Meanwhile, Today At MIT

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    CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, November 29, 2016 — Over 300 MIT faculty and counting* have taken a public stand, issuing a commitment to uphold and defend fundamental principles of inclusivity and scientific inquiry in the wake of a presidential campaign and transition wrought with rhetoric threatening these principles.

    The signatories include professors from every academic department at MIT, nine department and program heads, four Nobel Prize recipients, and other distinguished members of the scientific community.

              ( * the signatory count is now up to 423 faculty members, and still counting! )

    Beware the square sail!

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    Head for the hills! The president-elect has appointed actual Republicans into positions of authority!

    Xenophobic, racist, classist,

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    Xenophobic, racist, classist, sexist, anti-semitic, bigoted billionaires/millionaires with no political experience. Chosen by a thin-skinned, reality-show clown that thinks science is a conspiracy.

    Yeah, Trump really 'effed over those Carrier workers

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    In Indiana. The one's who were about to lose their plant and jobs to Mexico. What a terrible outcome he got for them--they have to keep their deplorable manufacturing jobs.

    Hey, do you think all those Disney workers who had to replace their H1B replacements, watching Carrier, think this guy is a racist Xenophobe?

    You realize

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    Carrier already located to Mexico years ago.

    Thanks for playing.

    Correction. Half of the

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    Correction. Half of the people at the Carrier plant ARE losing their jobs to Mexico. Obama has 7 years straight of adding jobs after the Bush recession. We are creating 200,000 jobs per month under Obama, not a measly one thousand. And yes, Trump is still a racist. We have decades of evidence.


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    That was not the Bush recession. Bush had virtually nothing to do with the financial crisis (and in fact was blocked in measures to prevent it by both sides of the aisle). The real cause of the problem was government regulators not doing their job. The Federal Reserve knew of or should have known the risks of the monster they had helped created during the last housing boom. If you want to blame a single individual (when in fact this was a massive systemic failure -which for a problem that large it would have to be), blame Ben Bernanke.

    As for job creation - Obama (and Congress) have had almost nothing to do with that. You can thank Yellen for ZIRP/NIRP, quantitative easing and the other ridiculous policies they've implemented that will cause the next crash (the only question is when - but given that interest rates have almost doubled off recent lows - it may not be that far off). This is a massively leveraged expansion that comes to a crashing halt when interest rates begin to rise. The largest risk to Trump's proposed policies is a Federal deficit - already straining - overcome by skyrocketing interest expenses.

    Not excusing Trump for anything (and I think his proposed lower taxes/raise spending proposal is a joke) - but he will take the blame for a problem that is of the Fed's making - not his - or Obama's or Bush's.

    (If you want to know where the next problem will come from - follow the money - luxury housing is a balloon ready to pop - a lot of 1 percenters will end up hurting - which means the Fed will just start their crazy cycle all over again that began in 1997)

    One percenters hurting? Not

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    One percenters hurting? Not gonna happen. If the worst case scenario happens Trump and his one percent cronies will bail them out with taxpayer money like how Trump has stolen taxpayer money off of events like 9/11 and hurricanes.

    Yeah? Yeah.

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    The last recession was a) overdue - we get one every few years anyway (just like we got one right after Clinton left - which wasn't really his fault either - you could blame that on the bubble - but that was more symptom than cause - demographics, liquidity surge after the failure of Long Term Capital (which started the whole boom bust cycle we are in now), irrational exuberance for a new/emerging technology etc. b) save for the credit crisis - it would have been a garden variety recession (lots of issues there to debate - deficit? high oil prices? weak dollar? All fairly cyclical or easily explained - and 9/11 played its own role).

    The big deal was the mortgage crisis - and even that could have been dealt with - it was the derivatives that almost brought down the banks that were single-handedly responsible for most of what happened - and Bush had little to do with that - and his efforts to halt it in the early 2000's were thwarted by a both sides under that big white dome thingy.

    Very few in this country are without blame - including Bush, and Congress and bankers and everyday Americans happy to go along with the crazy stuff the bankers were doing to get them in a house in the first place. But if you want to put the bulk of the blame on ONE person - talk to Ben Bernanke (and Greenspan before him - he lit the fuse - Bernanke allowed the land mines to get inside those banks).

    Decades of Evidence of racism

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    From reliable, unbiased sources. Like the Boston Globe, the NYT, the WaPo, NPR. All impartial "news" organizations that covered themselves in glory during the recent election. Especially their pre-election polling. He must be a racist fascist, because I read that on Facebook and it got likes!

    And who cares about 1000 manufacturing workers in Indiana? We all work in Knowledge Industries here in the Northeast, so our jobs are safe and secure. It's not like there's a guest worker program designed to screw () us that Trump has mentioned more than a few times as a problem, right?

    Obama is the only president

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    Obama is the only president that has presided over an economy that has not realized at least 3% GDP growth for any of the years while he was in office. The job gains have barely kept up with population growth in the US. That's actually pathetic given he had 8 years to grow the economy after a recession. The most anemic post recession growth ever.

    The worst stat attributable to him , is household income. It is the same as 1999. After 17 years you would think we would get a raise. All this in spite of borrowing more from the American people than all the past presidents combined.

    His economic legacy sucks.

    Trump was never a racist until he ran for president.

    The worst stat attributable

    The worst stat attributable to him , is household income. It is the same as 1999.

    I didn't realize Obama had been president since 1999.

    Trump was never a racist until he ran for president.

    Oh, you're a fucking moron. Never mind.

    Attributable to the President?

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    Explain how the president spends money in the economy.

    Go on.

    You might want to review that part of your education that you slept through - the part where the congress allocates money.

    You might want to also review the actual output of the congress for the last six years - you know BENFUCKINGAZI all the time when it wasn't OMG SLUTS or HORRORS PEOPLE GETTING HEALTH CARE or LETS LOOT SOCIAL SECURITY AND STARVE GRANDMA!

    This is attributable to the boneheads that fools like you keep electing because of what you believe, rather than what is known about all the ways that supply side economics and destroying safety nets DO NOT WORK. Don't blame Obama - he's got a pen to sign or veto.

    Well Done.

    You've successfully used all the SJW buzzwords in one comment. You've won exactly what this protest will accomplish - nothing.

    Joke is on you

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    And all the other supporters of Cheeto Mousselini.

    I'll still have my education when the economy tanks. You? You will lose all your benefits, and get nothing back for your federal taxes because blue states get soaked to pay for red state stupidity already.

    Supply side is a joke. Science is real. Sorry you confuse reality with talking points, dear.

    Love from Canada,
    An educated elite who isn't living in a stupidity bubble


    what are you blathering about? I voted for the asshole who didn't know what Aleppo because Trump and Hillary were both so unappealing.

    And, by the way, as a Canadian you probably shouldn't be talking about inept leaders with that Castro-loving, PM you have up there.

    Let me get this straight

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    You voted for the guy whose campaign was pretty much "I climbed Mt. Everest and know nothing about foreign policy" and you want us to take your opinion seriously?


    I never gave an opinion on anything, so.....I guess I'm not asking you to take it seriously?

    Are you suggesting that because you voted for either a pussy grabbing rapist or a woman who smears rape victims, that we should be taking you seriously? Oh right, they both steal from the poor and accept bribes from foreign nations understand foreign policy, so we're all good.


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    Everything is a non-starter in political conversation, but if you want a perfect candidate, good luck waiting that one out. Aside from that, great claims require great evidence.

    You sound like one of the "experts"...

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    Remember them? The geniuses that were 100% wrong about every aspect of the election..... but you're an "educated elite" so should we bow to you and your expert opinions, Dear? You people absolutely kill me.

    You should probably see a doctor under what's left of your Obamacare plan. I feel for you, good luck out there dear "educated elite."

    someone must live in Kansas or some other stupidville

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    Obamacare is working just fine wherever backs are not brown.

    And where people didn't locally elect all those supply side boneheads because of what they BELIEVE rather than what we know about what happens when stupid is elected and stupid does stupid.

    Expert opinions

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    They're everywhere. Love 'em.

    Edit: You really said Stupidville? Is this the same educated elite speaking from earlier? God bless.


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    We make so much less than those people who aint got no devilment educachun!

    Our lives are so horrible with all our urban poverty people with jobs and health care and sending kids to college.


    Like a funhouse mirror US

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    Tokenism isn't diversity. They don't represent anything but convenience for the Fourth Reich.

    Thats bcause you are merly lookg at skin color

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    they are all the same shade of UNQUALIFIED. Carson knows nothing about housing, construction or any type of development. He is a brain surgeon. DeVos is in charge of education without ever having attended a public school, taught a class, sent her kids to a public school or served as an admin on any school board at all. Chao is McConnell's wife...that's simply an ass kissing move, she did however serve under two other POTUS' in mostly unrelated fields (WAS deputy transport secretary though. This is his only appointment that makes any sorta sense so far). Haley was named the there a more useless position? Russia and China simply veto everything we do there. Ambassadorships are generally political favors and nothing more, she will shape zero policy and have no role in negotiations with foreign nations.

    He has certainly chosen a diverse array of people who are uniformly ignorant, proving stupidity is color blind.


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    Run for your lives! The sky is falling! We're all gonna die!!!

    God bless you and your buzzwords.

    Hey look man

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    Just because you don't like them doesn't make them buzzwords. They have real dictionary and academic definitions and the president-elect checks a lot of those boxes.

    I'm not running from anything

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    Words have real meaning and consequences. I just think it's sad you find them comedic and laughable. They might not really have any effect on your every day life, but that's just your experience.


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    Not really. Xenophobia, for one, is still a thing. I'm sorry to upset you that it still remains a thing despite being tired of being labeled by it.

    The sky's not necessarily falling. That's being a bit hyperbolic, but I can call a xenophobe a xenophobe when they are, in fact, being xenophobic.

    Again, just because you don't like it doesn't mean that it's not based in fact. Any claims to that or any other "buzzword" being "boring" is a shortcoming of yours.

    As my mother used to say

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    Don't be so open minded that your brains fall out.

    Tolerance is for people who are different from you because they are, not people spewing fountains of hateful bullshit.


    ... She also referred to these devices as "Limbaughs", as she lived in Rural America but wasn't having any of this.

    Its funny how republicans

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    Its funny how republicans bemoan the Northeast liberal elite when so many of the republican leadership like Steve Bannon, George W Bush, etc went to college at Northeastern liberal elite colleges. If you want actual knowledge you don't go to a conservative shithole like Liberty University.


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    I love that conservatives recognize that better education leads to liberal thought and yet their reaction is to vilify education and not, y'know, reflect on what that means.

    Telling, isn't it

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    ...that none of the plum Cabinet jobs are going to the brilliant winners who learned to be excellent at Trump University.