Body found in Belle Isle Marsh

Around 4:30 p.m. off a path off Bennington Street in East Boston, near Napoles and across from the Suffolk Downs T stop.

In May, an elderly man was found with serious traumatic injuries, which killed him 10 days later.




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    To another victim of violence in the city.I know Boston is considered a safe city and the police accountants will tell us the numbers of crime victims is low when compared to other cities. The problem is when violence happens on state property, MBTA property or on college campuses in the city the crime numbers are carried by MSP,Transit or the various campus police departments. If you added all these criminal incidents together with the numbers generated by the Boston Police the picture of a safe city would not be that clear..


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    I read "Baby". I thought a (live) abandoned baby was found, and was kind of sad and hopeful. But the comments made it sound like the baby was dead. I re-read the headline three more times before I groked it.