Chuck Turner: Chang-Diaz just a white carpetbagger backed by bitter Hillary fans

Councilor Turner tells PoltickerMA that he doubts Sonia Chang-Diaz is really Latina and that her support really comes from white women who can't stand the idea that a black man could get into the White House instead of Hillary Clinton.

Needless to say, Turner is backing incumbent Dianne Wilkerson in her sticker campaign, calling her "a treasured resource" the 2nd Suffolk District - or rather, real blacks and Latinos in the district - can't afford to give up.



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    Is There Any Rational Defense For This?

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    Seriously. It's such an easy counter-argument, I'm afraid of sounding even more hackneyed than I usually do.

    If a white elected representative attempted to rationalize dissing a black person as a candidate, on the basis of not being the correct race for such-and-such a district, that white person would be excoriated - and rightly so.



    WTF ?!

    If he's been quoted accurately, he has lost his mind.

    I bet over 90% of Chang-Diaz's supporters will happily vote for Obama next month.... and most of them probably voted for Deval Patrick in '06, for that matter.

    Time to take out the trash at City Council

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    Will somebody take out this bearded turd now? Turner has attacked Jews, soldiers, and now he's attacking Hispanics. He can't stand anybody who doesn't look like him, and he thinks the law doesn't apply to him. Time to take his lazy ass out of that seat. You think it's funny to have two last names, Chucky? I got a few names for you if you're feeling jealous.

    Is Carlos Henriquez still running against him, or is that last year's news? It's time to take out the trash at City Council, and I'll support whatever opponent Chucky has.

    Carlos Henriquez are you

    Carlos Henriquez are you kidding me, look at him he looks like what would happen if wonder bread , vanilla and marshmellow fluff had a baby. He sounds like he came off of the mayflower. Look at his name, whats that German or something. I look at his website and all I see are white people, white people and more white people. ARGHHH

    Its a knock on Chuck Turner

    Its a knock on Chuck Turner for attacking Sonia Chang Diaz for not being "minority" enough and questioning her being a latina. The joke is that it is over the top sarcasm based off of Chuck Turners us versus them world where there is only black, and non black. Anyone who isnt fully black is tossed into the "them" box.

    Read the other comments, and what Turner has said and it will make sense. The kid is obviously not white, is obviously a minority, and obviously has minorities on his website. The question is does he meet the Chuck Turner test?


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    If you happen to glance funny at him, you might think he's black, but the name is a dead giveaway. That's just an underdeveloped photo. He's not black black like Chuckie the T. Heck, he's probably one of those lily white crypto-Asians.

    Henriquez through the Turner Lens

    Shady was using the Turner Lens, the one-drop test you have to pass for Chuck Turner to consider you to be a fit minority.

    Hispanics of Chinese descent need not apply.

    > look at his website

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    _ _ _ By ShadyMilkMan | Thu, 10/02/2008 - 9:48am _ _ _
    > I look at his website...

    What's that weblink?...

    Sorry, Don

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    It's right here, Don. You click on the part where the text is a different color and a little bigger. That's called a link. For example:


    There's more about links in the information. When you post one, you can put any text you want to in front of it. You don't just have to copy and paste.

    You knew I wouldn't let you down, didn't you?

    Successful Evasion!

    Ha! I got the clue and didn't bite!

    Nice work Gareth, nice work!

    I have to say, I only caught the reference because I "telerickrolled" my husband a few days ago. I was sitting in the Nines with the kids waiting for appetizers and the loud restaurant speaker started blaring the song. I set my crackberry to conference mode, laid it on the table and called.

    Not that it really makes a

    Not that it really makes a difference in any of this , but Hillary Clinton enjoyed great support among African Americans before Barack Obama came around, and still enjoyed alot of support from that community until the primaries came closer. She still had alot of African American community leaders backing her well into June. She also had quite a few latino supporters, and won many latino districts. Its not like Hillary was some sort of oddball racist that just happened across the black community one day while walking her poodle.

    Who is he to say she is not latina anyway?

    Not to mention...

    ... that attacking Hillary or her supporters at this point is hardly a constructive thing to do, if Chuck actually cares about putting a black man in the White House.

    Seems to me though that if

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    Seems to me though that if this is how Chuck operates, he's probably not quite capable of putting the canned goods in the grocery bag before the bread, much less putting anybody in the White House.

    Ok that was convoluted but I'm happy the way it came out.

    Plus I do question if wheter

    Plus I do question if wheter or not their was a national conspiracy against Wilkerson orhcestrated by the white women of the United States because they wanted retribution for Barack Obama beating Hillary Clinton. It seems off the wall to me that Wilkerson, who is by most accounts a woman, would be the target of their anger.

    Two peas in a pod

    Chuck Turner and Dianne Wilkerson are cut from the same cloth of inflammatory hatred. Both believe that they are the absolute best thing for their respective districts simply because they are black, and will stop at nothing to get that message to anybody who will listen.

    Sonia Chang-Diaz's race has nothing to do with her ability to lead the 2nd District (and most likely lead it well, without those pesky legal problems that trailed Wilkerson...)

    I commend Chang-Diaz for her primary win, and wish her the best in November. She rightfully unseated Wilkerson....and I hope Turner is next to go.

    Chang-Diaz seems a much better choice...

    Turner and Wilkerson have been reared on the old-school Boston parochial/corrupt machine politics, which demands ideological and dogmatic purity. What repulses Turner et al is that Chang-Diaz managed to slip through the cracks of their slippery tactics and won cleanly and fairly; that doesn't guarantee that Wilkerson won't beat her through the "sticker" campaign.

    Not a House District

    Wilkerson is still trying to represent her house district. Chang-Diaz wants to represent the entire senate district, which is much larger and more homogeneous.

    Wilkerson is just digging a bigger and bigger hole, and Turner is helping her. Neither of them seem to comprehend that senate districts are far larger than house districts, and hers is not entirely made up of the one narrow demographic that formerly sent her to the House.

    Wilkerson wasn't origninally elected to the senate to represent African Americans. If all the African Americans in that district voted in the election and voted for her, it wouldn't put her in office unless a fair number of Hispanic and white voters joined in. Turner doesn't get that either.

    Good point, except ...

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    This is not to excuse Wilkerson's (or Turner's or Jean Maguire's) playing of the race card, or Wilkerson's sense of entitlement, but: Wilkerson has never been a state rep and her senate district was originally designed specifically to create a minority seat in the Senate. It became significantly less minority-oriented in 2001 when it was redistricted (you can read more here - scroll down a bit for details on how the district lost predominantly black precincts in Dorchester and Mattapan).


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    It looks like Mr. Turner's real feelings surfaced. He sounds like a bigot to me. There's no defense for this.


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    hoo hah!

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    If it takes lack of caffeine to produce a good old-fashioned zinger like that, then you have nothing to apologize for.

    Divide and Conquer

    The desparate attempt to get Queen Wilkerson back on her throne has caused so-called liberal/progressive politicians to use a technique that is as American as apple pie. It's divide and conquer. In today's world, this technique can have negative consequences for the culturally and ethnically diverse city of Boston where we must all co-exist. Also, the reaction of Turner shows the ignorance of a politician who serves at the will of the apolitical and apathetic in his district. Turner only receives about 2000 or less votes per election. But , in his egomaniacal way, he thinks that he is very important when in the scheme of things, his role as a city counselor is to merely review and approve city budgets. But he has branched out widely in unrelated areas, is over his head, and consistantly makes bad decisions (many of which are recorded on video tape, in newspaper archives, and in the memories of underserved constituents). However, the good news is, according to rumor, that this is his last term. Hopefully there is a future job for Turner in the Green Party whose presidential candidate he supports because Barack Obama may not be black enough for him.

    Sonia Chang Diaz

    this babbling idiot is a cultural racist whose trained in the old Boston politics. What he doesn't realizes is that Boston is now a multicultural city and will continue to be. Sonia Chang's father is from Costa Rica, speak fluent spanish resides there as well as the USA. The Chinese diaspora that migrate to Costa Rica last century is fully integrated into the society so much that Chinese looking Costa Ricans are full Costa Rican citizens with all the cultural trappings of that country. Just as much, there is a large second and third generation Jamaican community in Costa Rica, who consider themselves Costa Rican and not Jamaica, though many like my friend speak English and Spanish. This dinosour name chuck turner also looks like he's got a little multicultarilism in him. This is the best job he ever had and he and neither Diane Wilkerson will let go. Sad indeed.