Citizen complaint of the day: Disturbing the dead in Dorchester

Dog with Halloween zombie in Dorchester

A ghoulish citizen filed a 311 complaint and photo from Stoughton Street in Dorchester:

Dog vandalizing graveyard and disturbing the peace.

The city has already marked the complaint closed.



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he's not a scary clowndog until there are evil eyebrows.


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Some people in Boston are insufferable.

Who took the photo?

Seeing as how the dog is on a lease and the perspective if that of someone holding the lease, did the dog owner just post a complaint about himself?

"Dear Boston: I'm a jerk as evidence by this photo. Please do something about me. Thanks."

Miss the joke maybe?

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Perhaps the 'complainant' was joking and maybe, just maybe, that isn't a real graveyard with a real zombie crawling out of the ground?

But if the complaint was sincere, you're spot on.

Knowing the area, that is

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Knowing the area, that is also clearly not Stoughton St nor is it the North Dorchester Burying Ground.

Is the dog

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Attacking that poor undead soul? I'm sure the owner didn't pick up the deuce he dropped as well. At least he is on a leash.