Citizen complaint of the day: Erhu doesn't need an amplifier

A concerned citizen files a complaint about the erhu guy by the Public Garden bridge who plays his erhu through an amplifier:

Hello I am wondering if it is possible to find a way to have this busker turn down the volume. It's incredibly loud and ruins a walk through the public garden.I asked him nicely.He does not speak English. I don't mind buskers but people should still be able to walk through that beautiful setting without being assaulted by overly loud music. I'm not sure if the man has a permit or if one is required. But his instrument is loud enough on its own - it does not need an amplifier. I don't want to ruin anyone's day but hoping there's a way to address this.I walk through the public garden twice a day and the noise ruins the experience.


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Common Only

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They should not be having musicians in the Public Garden, Common may be fine but I can't imagine the ducks like the noise either.

Call 311

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311 is called for life improvement requests like this one.

It's Something Like A Violin

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          Video of lady playing an erhu — it's pretty good!


          Video featuring ladies "playing" glass erhus to a Lady Gaga song.

No amps for buskers anywhere

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What's worse than depending on an unreliable T every day? Being trapped waiting for a late train, with an amplified busker.

I'm looking forward to being able to afford a car again. "See ya later, public transit underclass suckers. Thanks for freeing up road space for the 1%. Have some loud music, so you can't even pass the time by reading."

I like him

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I always enjoy seeing him when I walk through the Garden.

Here's what gets me about this guy

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I ran through the Public Garden a few times last month. I would hear the amplified music, just to discover he WASN'T playing. He wasn't even at his post. So for me, it looked like he wasn't even playing at all. Why give money to a guy sitting around next to canned music?

How about the assault

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on your senses waiting for a train at Park St. under? A captive, often pissed off audience; why is it no allowed? The last thing I want to be forced to listen while waiting for a delayed overcrowded train is cheesy 60s folk and pop songs.

There's two erhu players in Boston, I think

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There's a guy who plays an erhu, he used to be around Harvard square, but he actually doesn't really know how to play, he just does really scratchy scales out of tune. There's another guy who's actually quite good and can actually play songs.

Whether or not an amp is reasonable depends on which guy it is.

Noise Free

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Noise Free America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting noise, especially from boom cars, car alarms, leaf blowers, barking dogs, and motorcycles. Our mission is to elevate the issue of noise pollution with federal, state, and local officials, as well as to educate the public about the dangers of noise pollution. Please take a look at our mission to reduce noise in our communities