Cross training on the Blue Line

Guy on bike doing pull ups on the Blue Line

Tom Griffiths shared a Blue Line car today with an exercise maven.

Earlier, at Back Bay:
Sometimes you just can't wait to get to the gym.



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Those Poor People

You fight tooth and nail to get here from Central America. You avoid the gangs, ICE, and others detrimental to your life. You keep your nose clean, work hard, and hope to live the American Dream. You have settled in East Boston because this is a neighborhood of immigrants, my great grandparents settled there briefly 110 years ago, people from Italy came in the 1920's, and later people from Colombia, El Salvador, and Guatemala. This is a good place to be. Your English is getting better everyday and you are happy.

Then Nightmare Guy gets on at Wood Island. Good luck to you, at least you can have a nice newish train on this hot day while MidLife takes the bike, which costs about your rent, for a spin down to Deer Island and back trying to keep his Q zone looking good. Just don't look him in the eye for heaven's sake. He might act even weirder.

East Boston Demographic

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It's little known, but over 100 years ago there was a large Norwegian population in East Boston. the next wave was primarily Italian, then Latino starting in the 1980s, and now the mass influx of millennials, students and hipsters.

Good to see . . .

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. . . that Jorah Mormont got his greyscale under control

Wrong guy

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You're thinking of "RAAMMMMBOOOO" who clean storefront windows.

Oh, you're right!

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Yeah, I've seen him around the Square, and you're right, always with wrist bands on. Never seen him with a bicycle, though.

Not the same guy

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By the way, our local guy is working at Jimmies now, so I've finally talked with him. Seems like a good guy, but yes, very creepy looking. I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.

Hey, why the hell not?

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Good for this guy! With the price of a T pass, it may as well double as a gym membership.

Oh Yes — He's A Regular On The Blue Line

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Last week he was talking up a storm with other passengers, moving around the car and sitting next to different people, sometimes boxing at the hang straps as though they were punching bags... things like that.

I had my headphones on, and wasn't listening to what he was saying — at one point, he looked at me and said something, while gesturing approval of my beard. I smiled back, nodding in appreciation of the compliment. Then, I just went back to my music and ignored him, but kept an eye open to make sure he didn't harass any other passengers.

By the time he got off the train at Revere Beach Station, it appeared he was totally harmless — if not perhaps adding some entertainment to the lovely Blue Line experience.


Personally, I get a lot of exercise riding the Blue Line from Wonderland to Bowdoin, just by standing up instead of sitting down. It's a great exercise for your legs, feet, and arms — especially if you're doing it while grooving to house music!

not to be catty but

I am willing to bet that I, a female, am much better at chin-ups than this guy. I wonder if he ever managed to get his chin up over the bar. Looks like he's struggling. If you're gonna be so extra in public, you'd better be good at what you're attempting to do.

Don't FitShame

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I don't know if it's okay to do chinups on the Blue Line or not, but don't be snarky about him not being good enough at it. That's like dogging on chubby slow joggers because they're not fit enough to run in public. Which is to say, it's a jerk move.

He's doing pull ups, which

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He's doing pull ups, which are considered to be more challenging than chin ups, but hey, don't let that get in your way.

If he can do more than one

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If he can do more than one pull up he can to more than I dunno 80% of the general population and 98% of the female population.

27% of statistics are made up on the spot.


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Q Zone

Q zone,,,,hmm, Q-tip, on the QT, PDQ, G.D.Q., Q ball, no wait, that’s cue, BBQ, Mind your "P's & Q's" nah, that ain't it……

OK, what, other than some Chinese computer social networking platform if "Q zone" for the anatomy?

The great and powerful Inter-web has failed me, and I don't even have FiOs!

Please, have pity on an old "Encyclopedia Britannica" Dodger as myself and enlighten me? I feel like that Capt Picard guy in the beer add.


Yup, I asked for it, now I know, wish I didn't, but thank you. Enlightenment can be a scary friggin thing. No more electric razor for me.

This guy

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This guy is a Somerville legend. Used to see him all the time around Trum Field. Often referred to as Crazy Eddie.


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his prices INSANE!!!???