Defaced Roslindale mural is restored

Redone mural in Roslindale

Gnome Anne watched the Mayor's Mural Crew today repair the mural at Washington and Archdale that some jerk defaced three weeks ago, less than a year after it was put up.



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    Editorial policy?

    Is there some sort of agreement (or at least a decision on your part) to not show how the mural was defaced so that what I assume was some tagger doesn't get any sort of promotion of his work?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not against a policy like that as I find graffiti tags the homo-sapiens equivalent of when dogs pee to mark their territory but I'm just curious.


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    The day it happened, I went down and took a couple photos, then decided, no, not going to give the tagger any publicity and to just leave it to the reader's imagination what the mural looked like with some bozo's name sprayed across its lower half.

    Where online is a picture of the defacement?

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    Where online is a picture of the defacement authenticating witnesses reliability, credibility in this court of public opinion?...

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    Circumstantial evidence...


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    en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Evidence_(law)

    City of Boston photographs of the defacement graffiti are public record.

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    Now I have my prime suspect for the original crime.

    You know, you could have just taken a polaroid when you finished.

    Second rule of graffiti detective work

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    Whoever submits a FOIA for photographic evidence of graffiti defacement should be considered a suspect.

    The Shankill Butcher used to attend court proceedings to learn how to literally get away with murder.

    That's a cool, cool mural!

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    Glad to hear that it was restored to its original beauty. The person(s) who defaced the mural in the first place should've been forced to do some community service to pay for this mural's restoration,

    4 brothers market, where the

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    4 brothers market, where the mural is can easily get a security camera, but will they, probably now