The East Boston laundromat with the big blue Trump sign

UPDATE: Alex Howell reports the Trump sign has been replaced with a Boncore sign.

PRI looks at the tension involving a laundromat in a heavily Latino neighborhood whose New Hampshire owner has plastered the front with a Trump sign - he says he doesn't understand why anybody might object, because he voted for Obama and some of his best friends are Central Americans.

Note to PRI: The neighborhood is still popularly known as Eastie.



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    Remember the gay marriage vote in California?

    There was a breakfast/lunch place in the predominantly gay neighborhood of West Hollywood. Apparently the owners of the restaurant decided to donate big time to the anti-gay marriage crowd. Soon enough word got out and the clientele abandoned the restaurant. The owners couldn't understand why.

    This story reminds me of that story.

    Know what side your bread is buttered on, folks.

    Is there another laundromat

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    Is there another laundromat close to that one? A lot of the patrons in that neighborhood may not have a car and can't lug their cart of laundry too far from where they live.

    Build A Wall

    From Seabrook to Hinsdale. Keep the Cow Hampshireites Out and Make Massachusetts Great Again.

    In the part of NH where this tool lives, Trump is considered a moderate. I saw a license plate in Newington last month that said IMF88; (Ich Mein Fuhrer Heil Hitler). Shocker, black pick up truck with Don't Tread On Me sticker as well, getting off the highway and going towards the Sig Sauer warehouse.

    God I hate hillbillies.


    to me is still a Chinese lucky number and the name of an Asian grocery chain, Super 88.

    Dale Jr?

    Maybe, but this guy had Super Suburban NRA NH Tough Guy written all over him.

    Ron - It is nice to think that he was thinking of an Allston supermarket, but my gut tells me no.

    There is also someone in Kingston MA that has or had a MA license plate (a veteran plate nonetheless) that said SS88 a few years back. Something tells me it wasn't an homage to a 1988 Monte Carlo Super Sport.

    Agreed but...

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    lets not condemn all people from New Hampshire. There is a decent % of people that are Montreal Canadiens fans and we want to welcome them to boston.


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    As a former New Hampshirite with a significant amount of Quebecois running through my veins, you disgust me.

    New Hampshirites suck

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    I'm glad people from Massachusetts are moving up and improving the place. I can't wait for the natives to be priced out of the state.

    MA is so great masses (pun

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    MA is so great masses (pun intended) are moving out to 'improve' other states to be just like the Commonwealth they fled?

    How does that make any sense?

    No kidding, dude

    New Hampshirites suck

    Don't forget, black people suck, too
    Gays, too
    And gay, black people from NH are the worst.

    For the benefit of those who are prone to over-reaction and the Sheldon-ites who fail to recognize sarcasm - this is sarcasm. This an attempt, as feeble as it may be, to show the poster how generalisms just don't work. Then again, maybe I'm being the Sheldon and am failing to detect the sarcasm in the poster's remarks.


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    I wrote what I wrote since someone speaking ill of the Granite State annoyed our resident yuppie from South Boston who likes to troll about his adopted neighborhood.

    Now, if Cybah or some other good natured former New Hampshirite was offended, I do apologize, but not to the person who lives in a neighborhood yet hates those who live there.


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    There should be a special license stamp to let them drive here. People say we're bad drivers. Stay home on the farm if you can't drive in the city, cow hampshire hicks.

    My job involves lots and lots

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    My job involves lots and lots of out of state, northern New Hampshirites who are begrudgingly coming into the city. They bitch and whine ENDLESSLY about the city, how bad traffic is, how they miss their farms, their cows, how there's too many people, how it's dirty (clearly never having been to NYC), how anyone who lives here is crazy, how country living is the only way....

    I'd love to tell them well, okay, stop coming here for your medical care and enjoy your hick farmer Doctor-slash-Veterinarian that's your only option for medical care up in precious Farmville NH. So rude.

    I once saw a kid (hipster

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    I once saw a kid (hipster doofus) in his late teens/early 20's on the tram wearing some "obscure" band t-shirt (and not the kind of band you would expect) with 14/88 on it. I was thinking "oh, you sweet child." He probably didn't know the reference, and didn't realize that he would get his teeth kicked for wearing that garb in certain parts of the world.


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    It's been covered up by the Boncore sign for a week or so now. I had to take the bus in that direction one day last week and I noticed it was gone.

    I wish people in NH would

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    I wish people in NH would stay there, can we put some tolls to stem the tide of New Hampshirites coming down here, at the least it can help pay for our crumbling transportation network. I dont understand why MA wont put tolls on 93 which NH people use to come down here when NH has tolls on 95 since that is the road most MA drivers use to go to NH or Maine.

    Because Interstates generally

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    Because Interstates generally can't have tolls unless the tolls existed before the road became an Interstate (with certain exceptions for big bridges and tunnels).

    Overwhelming Hispanic vote for Donald Trump in NYC

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    Good for the East Boston laundry to post the Trump sign. No surprise with the overwhelming Hispanic vote that he received in NYC. In my experience it's the working, legal immigrants who usually have had enough and vote Republican. Cutting the line is not the American way.

    Yeah that's significant

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    But when it's up against this, FTA:

    According to the most recent Gallup poll taken in March, 77 percent of Hispanics view Mr. Trump unfavorably, and as he has become better known to the community, he’s become more disliked.

    You have to wonder what your sample size is from hispanic/latino voters. It's likely not very telling at all.

    But you keep doin' you, Fish.

    You Are Such A Cherry Picker You Should Be Migrant Labor

    NYC Primary Results - Democratic Primary - Clinton 586,017 Votes. Sanders - 338,313 Votes.

    Republican Primary - Trump - 69,066 Votes, Kasich - 23,607 Votes, Cruz - 14,773 Votes.

    Just out of the gate, Sanders got 3x the entire Republican votes in a city of 8 Million.

    Further more, Trump may have "won" the Hispanic vote that you speak so proudly of like they are your brethren. However, the truth is if you check the actual Republican vote count in Washington Heights and Inwood, basically all of Manhattan between the Cross Bronx and the Harlem River, those Hispanic neighborhoods that the article references, Trump got less than 250 votes, in a population of just under 200,000.

    There you go Trump got the votes of 0.125% of them good hard working people that you express your admiration for so well.

    Nice try Jablador.

    Very weak for Boston Latin

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    John, I only posted the news article published by an outside, trusted source. Why are you attacking me? Pile on the verbal criticism, I've taken far worse while carrying the badge, but God Bless our legal immigrants who came out for Mr. Trump. Don't forget over the winter, 20% of our MA neighbors showed up at city and town halls to switch away from the Democrat party. I don't blame them.

    Trusted news source?

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    The Washington Times?


    Ha. ha.

    Ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha.

    Good one there! Had me going for a second.

    Adam, are you disputing Trump's Hispanic support?

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    I trust the Washington Times. Meanwhile, Brian McGrory is looking for "ideas" over at Morrissey Boulevard. Fake front pages, etc. If you call the Dorchester number, say hello to the crowd in Manila, Philippines. Adam, can you ask how many canceled subscriptions? The mainstream media won't touch it. My friends who are pressman, mailers and circulation staff are furious.

    Weak Effort From Those Who Switched

    Democratic Party Votes in the MA Primaries - 1,204,927. Republican Votes - 631,395.

    Of those 1,836,322 Votes Cast; The Guy who could have got two more votes in NYC if his spawn had registered to vote, won 16.9% of the MA vote.

    That means 83.1% of MA voters can see right through the bluster.

    A lot of talk and little much else, just like his fingers and his real follicle count.

    Hey, Mr. Statistics

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    Mike Huckabee got 689 votes in the Massachusetts Republican Primary. Roe vs. Wade? The court case liberals love so much? Only SEVEN Supreme Court justices voted for it. Thus Huckabee is almost literally 100 times more popular than abortion even in Massachusetts. Numbers don't lie.

    He does not understand?

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    why anybody might object to this huge "in your face" sign? Well, he might, just might have something to do with Trump's comments on, well you know, Latinos. Cripes.