East Boston skunk works

Skunk in a car in East Boston

There might be an interesting story as to how a skunk wound up in a car on Meridian Street in East Boston last night. John forwarded the photo by Sean Calista.



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    Multiple real estate

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    Multiple real estate developments on the rise in Eastie the more units to one building means more overflowing trash barrels or dumpsters On the premises of these properties,, which will mean an increase of the skunk, possum, raccoon,mice & rat population. Just like in other parts of the city.

    The answer is always "blame development"

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    Too much traffic? It's because of development. Too much noise - yup development. Rental prices too high- guess why developers. Skunk trapped in parked car - get used to it - it's development .... Wait, huh?

    The Skunk who was a fixture

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    The Skunk who was a fixture to meridian street for decades was kicked out of his 1 bedroom $500 per month meridian street apartment last night, a new owner of the building has emerged and gave the skunk a five minute notice to pack his stuff and leave, skunk had absolutely no where to go , but a car, new owner will be gutting out the skunks apartment this week and will replace with a new tenant and charge $2000 per month.

    There goes the neighborhood!

    Better move out now.

    (note: we ended up with a skunk in the car once. The kids were little and we had just returned from a long trip, the car was open for a while while we unloaded, and fugitive cheerios and goldfish crackers abounded. We opened the doors and let it decide when to leave. No harm, no foul.)

    Eastie has had a significant

    Skunk and possum presence well before this boom started. Development is bringing its own problems, but this isn't one. Hell, you could argue the developments may attract them away from houses ( If you've never smelt a pregnant skunk literally losing its shit...I don't recommend trying it).

    Skunk urband legend

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    I remember when I was a kid growing up in East Boston in the 60s and we first started seeing skunks, there was an urban legend that the skunks were actually introduced to the area purposely to control the rat population. I never fund out if there was any truth to that.

    They are

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    They are actually. Friends of mine as kids had two as pets. Once they have the stink glands removed from their rear end, they are very similar to a cat in terms of personality. They are intelligent and friendly. (they only spray when they are scared)

    Of course I'd hate to be the guy who traps them and the vet who removes the stink glands.....

    Not only when they're scared

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    My sister has been struggling with skunks living under her house for a couple years now – skunk courtship and/or squabbles seem to involve a fair amount of stink.

    Pepe Amor Hotel

    We had a busted garage door for part of the summer. The stinky creatures turned the place into a den of iniquity ... or is that instinkquity. They never sprayed anything ... just transient stinklust, and lots of muskrat-love giggling noises.