The Emerson admissions office better get in some temp help, pronto

This is YUGE: The Donald endorsed Emerson College this week after an Emerson-based poll showed him leading in Iowa:

Emerson College, very important, great college.



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Calling it.

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Donald wins MA on Super Tuesday.

Hey, wait a minute

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I may have cracked the Trump code:
If you say anything nice about him, you're great and awesome.
If you say anything even slightly negative about him, you're a loser.

Now I know Trump is a brilliant and highly-educated genius, so no doubt there's more to it than that, but he's playing the part of a binary simpleton quite well.

His public personae does not

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His public personae does not equal his private or business personae.

Trump has mastered the WWF school of PR.

He wouldn't be wealthy and have survived the mobbed up years of NYC development politics if he was just the buffoon he portrays.

Not so sure about that

He is wealthy because his father gave him a lot of money.

Had he invested that money conventionally and conservatively he would have more money now than he has accumulated in real estate.

His public persona...

By on what we're all going to see if (god forbid) he "wins" his way into the White House. Will he really expect anyone to want to work with him if all he's going to do is throw troll-like insults around at the slightest provocation? Are we going to have "fireside tweets" where he just makes crass remarks about everyone? Is there anything in his public persona that shows us he has a hint of decorum, diplomacy, or maturity?

And would he even know what to do if elected? I firmly believe that he has no real ambition to really do 4 years of work in leading this country (perish the thought) - all he wants to do is WIN THE GAME.

It's sickening.