Fall comes a couple days early in Boston this year

Swan Boats on their way out for the season

You know fall's here when the Swan Boats go away. Penny Cherubino watched them being disassembled today for winter storage.



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    Its 80 degrees out and they

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    Its 80 degrees out and they are putting them away for winter storage. That makes no sense. Did they forget that Fall exists? You can rent boats in Jamaica Pond through October.

    Swan Boat Veteran Here

    They go in for Patriots Day weekend and out on the Third Sunday in September. One April we closed because of snow. It is better just to have set dates.

    Ridership falls way, way off in September with tourists leaving and kids back in school.

    It is going to be cold next week and most of the help goes back to school. It is not worth it to keep them in the water from a monetary and manpower point for just weekend operation.

    Frankly, Each year I was sick of pedaling tourists and bratty suburban fourth graders by September anyway.

    Why do these get put away so

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    Why do these get put away so early? The weather stays reasonably pleasant well into November most years. I bet lots of people would enjoy a ride around that puddle when there's some colorful foliage to look at.

    I would have assumed they

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    I would have assumed they would go through October. It would be nice on a crisp day.