First ride on a new 28 bus

Miles on the MBTA reports on his ride on one of the new articulated buses out of Ruggles today.



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I was expecting 1250 to be the first New Flyer artic to enter service. Ran into an Instructor friend the other day at Market Basket who noted that 1250 was at Readville for warranty repairs; 1253 (the bus Miles got) must have gotten bumped up in the rotation.

I am still not used to seeing Xcelsiors (yes, like the old Flxible buses, spelled that way for more awesome) on the South Side. Strolling down to Forest Hills after a special meeting with the Division Eight Superintendent I saw 17xx pulling out of the busway on the Route 16. For a moment I was like "Damn! Is the Orange Line being bused!? Oh. Wait. Right, Cabot now has those buses, too."

Honestly can't believe I will need to start getting my final rides/photos of NABIs and the Neoplan articulated buses in service.

"The driver yelled at me for taking pictures..." WTF?

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From a picture caption inside the Miles on the MBTA blog: "The driver yelled at me for taking pictures, which was really's a new bus, after all!"

When will the fat headed T personnel get it into their (fat) heads that taking photographs is perfectly legal?!

They know it. This was settled years ago.

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Hard to believe that the T does not include mentioning the policy concerning photographs when training drivers. I would continue taking photographs that I know are legal. If the driver threatened me with calling the T police I would invite him or her to do it. The driver would be "reminded" of the policy concerning photography. T police are too busy doing whatever they do.

I took photos at a T station the other day. No complaints, whining or other attempts at intimidation.

photo policy

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Indeed, compare the policy from 2007 ( to the most recent version ( Note the removal of the policy where you were required to identify yourself to a cop or T employee for taking photos in public on T property.

I was involved in discussions with then Transit Police Chief MacMillan back in 2011 after being hassled by a cop for taking photos at Charles/MGH.


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I just read this policy and even though it's motives appear to be in the right direction BUT is it constitutionally sound, would and could enforcement of such policy be used in a abusive way.

The policy seems sound -

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The policy seems sound - thank you for the link. I'm glad there's some language in there confirming that there are restricted areas where photography is not permitted.

As for the on-bus - there are restrictions about interfering with operations and distracting operators. Since it was low-light outside, I'd ask the original poster if he did something stupid like leave his flash on. Also, a passenger moving up and down in the bus is a bit unusual - bound to catch the eye of an alert driver.