Global publishing and consulting company in Framingham could be up for sale

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Former IDG exec Colin Crawford reports that IDG has retained Goldman Sachs as a prelude to selling itself off - ideally in one piece.

The company, which Pat McGovern founded above a Newton pizza place in 1964 after raising funds by selling his car - runs scores of Web sites and print publications around the world on high-tech topics, as well as a technology consulting firm. At one point, the company started up Computerworld Antarctica so it could boast of having publications on all seven continents.

IDG has a small headquarters in the Back Bay, with the bulk of its US operations located in offices in Framingham.

McGovern died in 2014.

Ed. note: I have a bit of a personal stake in this since I still have IDG ESOP shares from my days there.




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And how he visited every

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And how he visited every single person at Christmas time to personally hand them a cash bonus!

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I was only slightly disillusioned when I became a manager and learned I had to write up a conversation starter for all of my folks - he seemed like the kind of guy who actually would just know everything. Also, the ten-year dinners at the Four Seasons.

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Yeah, you could see from the

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Yeah, you could see from the posse following him that he was being briefed about each person and yet he had such an honest charm about him. And even though he was scripted, he didn't have to hand deliver. If it was simply for show, I fell for it and still think fondly of him.

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