Green Line folks not too jolly due to yet another derailed trolley

Derailed trolley at Boston College

SC had a front-row seat for T workers trying to re-rail a trolley that fell off the rails at Boston College tonight. "Type 8, of course," he writes.



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While it was a Type 8, it

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While it was a Type 8, it looks like it was the A-end truck (wheel sets) that came off, and not the center wheels which has been the problem with the Type 8s. Probably a broken rail or some other track defect that caused this one. If so, then this is one that can be blamed on the condition of the infrastructure vs. the poor engineering of the Type 8.

The State of Transportation

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Buses can't move
Trains fall off the tracks
No one pays their fares
The restrooms are filthy
The stations don't smell they stink
The parking lots are falling down
Silver Line stops are shelters for drug addicts
The staff is invisible
Wait till it starts to snow
I rode a commuter boat the other day to the airport and I must say the staff and the ride was well worth it.

I think the commuter boats

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I think the commuter boats are a privatized service? Maybe an example for the rest of the system.
If not, when your boats 15 years old and no chance of replacement, I hope you enjoy rowing or swimming.

Just Curious

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I am sure there is a good reason but why wouldn’t they pave over the tracks and just run buses similar to the silver line through them? They may even be able to squeeze a cycle track in there. That would end the need to purchase special equipment that run on failing tracks.