Harvard completes takeover of old Allston rail yard

The Crimson reports the U last month gave CSX a payment of $147.3 million for the easement the railroad still had on part of the 47-acre Allston site, which Harvard plans to transform one of these decades.

In more exciting Harvard news, the Crimson also shows us what happens when Harvard men quarrel: They write really angry e-mails.



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    Best line in Crimson story

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    "the Owl, which currently consists heavily of athletes" = not smart enough to get into Harvard otherwise, nor athletic enough to go to a school that's a feeder for the pros.

    (shudder) and to think Harvard was my safety school....

    I'd say that the

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    I'd say that the undergraduate should feel lucky that The Crimson didn't publish his name, but given how insular both Massachusetts and possibly his major are (I sure hope it isn't finance), he's probably gonna be blackballed for a good while.

    Chemical Shipments

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    Anyone know the deal with the chemical plant that still receives rail shipments right in the middle of all that. Were they bought out yet? Are they going to remain put?

    They are remaining put, but

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    They are remaining put, but will stop using their rail spur in 2 years. (really, on September 21, they said they would relinquish it in 2 years)