Herald writer's track record will be tough to beat

The Inside Track's Gayle Fee's just e-mailed her contacts: "I wanted to let you all know that Friday will be my last column for the Boston Herald. After 33 years at the paper, 25 at the Inside Track, it's time to say goodbye."

Dan Kennedy has more.



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    EYE Say!

    Who still reads the Herald?

    Seriously, I know it is good to have a two newspaper town but the Herald should get a environmental award for saving millions trees. They print such crap that people gave up buying the paper, thereby the earth gets to sequester more CO2 and save us all from global warming.

    I gave up about 20 years ago when I read the same Howie Carr column for the 8,542th time, the same Inside Track story on Joey McIntyre's bold next move in his career, and Joe Fitzgerald's umpteenth story about the Jew who loves Christmas.

    I know this good Roslindale based outlet that gives better local coverage without blaming EBT cards and Obama's Aunt for all of the world's problems.

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    Easy to pick on ...

    Totally agree with your points (as usual) but someone must read it or Purcell, et al are getting their money from somewhere else or some other source or they don't care or ... I dunno. As many know, they were / are involved in the Ink Block development but why make money there if they lose money on the newspaper? I guess they must make enough in advertising (similar to how South End News and Bay Windows seem to cover their costs with just 8 pages ...)

    But, wouldn't you want the newspaper to be "relevant" if you were the owner / publisher? Wouldn't you want to see readership / subscriptions go up? People read it for the Inside Track & the sports pages, and Howie Carr, too, right? Is that enough?

    Why not bring in the NeU team to help write and/or other local colleges? Give them a couple good editors so it doesn't look as though you're being cheap. Who will follow a story as closely as a college student looking for the exposure? Pay them as co-ops and then when they graduate, they'll stick with you.

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    I still read the Herald

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    And since the daily Globe recently has run about 44 pages in length, less than the Herald's page count (admittly at tabloid size) perhaps the environmental award should go to Dorchester. Today's Globe sports section was 6 pages long!

    People gripe about the Globe, but without the Herald it would be the Metro. The Herald hits on stories the Globe ignores. I suppose your vile comes from their nonstop coverage of BLS last winter. And you had to love Carr's column after the Probation Department convictions were overturned when he said that he never thought O'Brien and company were felons, just hacks.

    The Herald still gets the advertising, so they have to be doing something right.

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    Inside Track

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    Where will I find out who eats at Strega now?

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    Read the Globe

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    They've dumbed it down so much that they've started covering the "names" around town.

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    The Globe prints the Herald. With that in mind, isn't it odd that they would be propping up what most people would assume is their biggest competitor?

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    Propping up nothing

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    The Herald pays them.

    There is nothing new with thinking competition in media is a good thing. Back in the 50s Grozier offered to sell the Post to the Taylor's, who published the other Democratic paper. The Taylors refused in the name of competition. The current agreement allows the Herald to save on costs while the Globe gets paid for use of their press.

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    Not propping up at all

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    The Herald needs a printer.
    The Globe has extra capacity.
    The Herald PAYS the Globe to print their papers.
    Both get what they want.

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    Erica Corsano

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    I don't have any inside information but she's the only other person at the Herald who has held the gossip beat, and she seems to be doing a good enough job at it.

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    she wrote about

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    everybody but herself and the "do you know who I am" quote upon her very juvenile attitude when arrested. By By

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    Still happy for a 2 newspaper town

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    Yeah, I do want to hear stuff like local crime news.
    How much police officers make in OT and detail pay.
    And I do want to be aware of EBT fraud, legislators who never come to Boston, and stuff like that.
    I never read Inside Track or Howie (anymore), but I'm very glad we have two newspapers.

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    the cop pay thing is very easily accessible to anybody. even in the days before the internet, these things were published by towns in little books.

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    Reporters Stringers Journalists New Mass. Public Records Supvsr

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    New Massachusetts Supervisor of Public Records compiles great material for advocacy

    For ESL English as Second Language folks, for hard of hearing folks, for the Deaf Community, for all folks there will come a time when the Stenographic Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council will be more readily available online and more Public Records of our Massachusetts Legislature will be available online.

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    My takeaway

    I didn't know John H. Garabedian was bi!

    (not that there's anything wrong with that)

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