Just in time: Daily MBTA stats, if not in rhyme

The T's started posting daily reliability stats, broken down by buses, commuter rail and subway. If you click on the large plus sign for each, you'll get more detailed breakdowns by line (and looks like the T's finally acknowledged the Silver Line is a bus, because that's where you'll find its data).



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    I'm curious how things like

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    I'm curious how things like the weekend busing on the Red Line are accounted for in the reliability stats. Is it a zero? Is it considered reliable for what it is? Does it count as bus instead of subway?

    I would assume

    that they are just throwing out those data and considering it neither in the numerator nor denominator.


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    So we can have pretty graphs and charts to tell us how terrible the T is every day!

    The website's just as

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    The website's just as reliable as the trains! "ERROR Error retrieving data from the server."

    Needham Line?

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    I don't see the Needham line on the CR stats.

    Also some buses

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    I noticed that too (my comment is further down the page). Since then I've found quite a few missing buses, too. Is it a lack of data, or is the Web ap not correctly displaying all that is available?

    Lol, Prov/Stou

    I saw the commuter rail 96% stat and had to click through to get to individual lines because I couldn't believe it was that high...and yup, we have the second shittiest service at 86%.

    And even that seems high, but of course, they're considering trains "on time" as the train rolls in no more than 4:59 later than scheduled. OH PLEASE.

    No love for Needham!

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    But I bet excluding it explains how commuter rail achieved 96%.

    Needham line intentionally left out?

    That's exactly what I was thinking! For quite a while, the Needham line was breaking down every...single...day, during morning AND evening rush hour. (Been okay for the last couple weeks though, knock on wood).

    But it probably would have totally messed up their on-time statistics, so maybe they're skewing the results by leaving out some of the worst statistics?

    Anyway, I guess we can just ask the MBTA! No guarantee of a response, but we can investigate at least...

    It looks like someone at MBTA

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    It looks like someone at MBTA attended a webinar about metrics/analytics/bigdata, drank the Kool Aid, and created another useless dashboard.