Long awaited Hyde Park restaurant finally opens - at least, partially

City Councilor Tim McCarthy reports he was the first customer today at Antonio's Bacaro on Fairmount Avenue. He adds that currently just the bar at the Italian restaurant is open.

Joseph and Sonia Garufi, owners of Sophia's Grotto in Roslindale Square, have been working to restore the space - where Dottie's and the Hyde used to be - for more than a year and a half.



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It looked open on Sunday night.

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I drove past and could see through the windows. There was a bartender and a blonde woman sitting at the bar.

I'm rooting for Antonio's Baccaro.

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I worked with Joe and his brother Matt at Joe's American Bar & Grill on Newbury Street many years ago. I've eaten at Sophia's Grotto and have always had good experiences; their paella is excellent. Good luck!


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Can't wait to eat there! And cleary and logan square are starting to become a food destination with The Fairmount Grille, Rincoin, Salamanders and now Bacaro:) happy to see the progress....and wonder what is next....perhaps a replacement for the Briar Rose ( Mexican Please).