Long-running Kendall Square pizzeria to shut next week

Neal Doyle reports Emma's, 40 Hampshire St., is closing for good next week. The South End outlet, he adds, is staying open.

Boston Restaurant Talk has some background on Emma's, which opened in 1960 in Huron Village, then moved to Kendall Square in 2000.



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Oh no! I'm in there pretty much weekly. I'm going to miss them!

There is so much more

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There is so much more competition in that neighborhood now than there was 15 years ago. Kendall has become a great destination for eating and drinking.

Beauty's, which just moved in

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Beauty's, which just moved in next to the Hess gas station on Hampshire at Prospect, has amazing pizza and a great menu of other delicious offerings. They were previously on Broadway, near the Garment District, until they were destroyed by a fire. Reasonably priced and really nice staff.

I have very fond memories of

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I have very fond memories of Emma's back when Emma and her husband ran the place on Huron Ave (no one called it Huron Village then). Even though Emma scared me a bit as a kid, I was ok in her book because I didn't twirl the stools. I would give a lot to have a slice of that pizza again! I found it strange that Emma sold the business (name and store I guess) but not her recipes because the pizza under the new owners was so very different. I could never judge it fairly because it was called Emma's but it was definitely not Emma's! Tom's subs across Huron Ave. were also never-forget delicious. I wish I had a time machine!

I have a fond memory of being

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I have a fond memory of being dropped off and left to my own devices at Emma's in "Huron Village" for what was probably only 90 mins., but felt like forever in completely unknown territory around age 9.

I still remember handpainted art on the back wall, a space that felt safe and familial to a kid, a warm slice or two.

I never saw the Kendall space... good luck in the South End.

Real reason?

So how were they doing biz wise? I always saw folks there. Pondering if their rent went up, or if they weren't getting biz aside form lunch with all these other places opening up....

A developer purchased their

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A developer purchased their building and the building next door last year. Since the building next door has had a permit for demolition and construction for the last 5 years, I'm pretty sure the developer plans to tear both the buildings down.

Probably, lease renewal was not even offered by the developer.