Marvin Minsky, AI expert, dies at 88

MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory reports Minsky, 88, died Sunday

Minsky viewed the brain as a machine whose functioning can be studied and replicated in a computer - which would teach us, in turn, to better understand the human brain and higher-level mental functions: How might we endow machines with common sense - the knowledge humans acquire every day through experience? How, for example, do we teach a sophisticated computer that to drag an object on a string, you need to pull, not push - a concept easily mastered by a two-year-old child?




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The Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence

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The Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence was the name of a 1956 undertaking now considered the seminal event for artificial intelligence as a field.

Organised by John McCarthy (then at Dartmouth College) and formally proposed by McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester and Claude Shannon, the proposal is credited with introducing the term 'artificial intelligence'. The participants included Ray Solomonoff, Oliver Selfridge, Trenchard More, Arthur Samuel, Allen Newell and Herbert A. Simon

[email protected], formally known as the "Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference: The Next Fifty Years" (July 13–15, 2006), was a conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Dartmouth Conferences which effectively inaugurated the history of artificial intelligence.
wikipedia. org/wiki/[email protected]

Five of the original ten attendees were present: Marvin Minsky, Ray Solomonoff, Oliver Selfridge, Trenchard More, and John McCarthy.

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He was my neighbor

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Wonderful man, kind, and genuinely interested in young people and education. He is survived by his lovely wife, an MD who spent decades focused on public health, also focused on young people.

He will be missed by his friends in the 'hood.

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Nice remembrance

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It's a shame the terminators got him in the end.

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