MIT boffins create Trumpbot

The Guardian reports some AI researchers at MIT have developed a Twitterbot that spits out things Donald Trump might one day say, using a "recurrent neural network" fed transcripts of his speeches and debate statements.



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    And ...

    Plus all of his "could have been" conquests of famous "hot" women.

    pretty gross

    that the GOP's "best" candidate for women is a misogynist that thinks his own daughter is hot

    Trump seems to be the only one

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    these days who believes he's the GOP's "best" candidate for president. Most of the rest of the GOP appears to be jumping ship.

    Of course, given the rate at which the other candidates are throwing in the towel, it may be a moot point by the end of primary season.

    Well, the leadership

    these days who believes he's the GOP's "best" candidate for president. Most of the rest of the GOP appears to be jumping ship.

    Yet he got nearly 50% of GOP votes in the MA primary plus has a huge lead in the delegate count.

    Someone should tell the GOP leadership they aren't representing their party's views if ~40% of people in the 15 states that have had a primary/caucus have voted for Trump.

    It's one thing for Democrats to criticize Trump but it's absurdly hypercritical for the GOP leadership to be so vocally opposed to the person who's winning GOP votes. Trump isn't on the fringe -- he represents mainstream GOP views better than anyone on the GOP side at the moment. If this wasn't true he'd be going the way of Carson, Bush, Paul, etc.

    Is Massachusetts one of those

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    "ALL delegates must go to the person who got the most votes" states (another dumb idea brought to you by our broken primary system)?

    Today's RNC rules are that

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    Today's RNC rules are that winner-take-all does not apply yet. I wouldn't be surprised if the RNC changes the rules before WTA starts.

    Should add: the WTA system (usually) makes sense for Republicans because by Super Tuesday there's a clear frontrunner, and the party is eager to build consensus around the frontrunner rather than let the race drag out. In every country, the conservative party functions in lockstep while the liberal party is fragmented. Since the Republican party is more conservative, the WTA approach is logical most of the time, because it shepherds the party together, but this year is the exception.


    Before March 15th all the contests are proportional to some degree. A few have cutoffs at 15-20% meaning that you get no delegates if you can't score at least this much of the electorate and that's hurt everyone except Trump who hasn't done worse then 21% but normally gets 1/3 to 1/2 the vote in any state.

    MA is entirely proportional, no cutoffs.

    Trump is winning because people are voting for him. He might be good at manipulating the media but the elections are fair and he's received double the support of any other candidate. To claim the GOP leadership is opposed to Trump is the same as saying that are opposed to their own voters.

    To claim the GOP leadership

    To claim the GOP leadership is opposed to Trump is the same as saying that are opposed to their own voters.

    The GOP leadership IS opposed to most of their own voters. The voters just don't realize it.


    Lets say we had 4-5 major parties but everything else was the same. The president could "win" with 21% of the vote. (Or 10% of the vote if you consider 1/2 the population doesn't go to the polls.)

    Two parties are not the problem. The problem is the way we vote. Switch to an instant run-off (no lost vote, etc) and the system would be greatly improved.

    Trump never accused of rape...Melania never waged war on victims

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    Seriously? Donald Trump is "pretty gross" when your likely Democrat nominee (if not indicted) waged a war against those who very credibly accused her husband Bill "Cosby" Clinton of rape and and/or indecent sexual assault? Gennifer Flowers, Liz Ward Gracen, Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick (all audited by IRS during Clinton presidency) not to mention the character assassination of Kathleen Willey, Eileen Wellstone, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, Jane Doe #1 (22 year-old Yale student), Jane Doe #2 (University of Arkansas student) and numerous others. As rape and sexual assault is vastly underreported, and Arkansas State Police and Secret Service ran interference, the numbers are likely exponentially higher. Is Hillary's reaction to these claims more or less "gross" than Trump saying his model daughter is attractive? Of course, Bill Clinton can't claim this as Chelsea, the only child that he currently acknowledges, is not a model despite tens of thousands in cosmetic surgeries.

    I bet O-Fish

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    has a tiny little card that he keeps in his pocket with all Bill's conquests and whips it out when and as needed.


    a birther doesnt like when i tell the truth about trump


    and one gross thing doesn't justify another gross thing, but since youre infected with the cancer that is highly partisan thinking, i wouldnt expect any less from you. you disgust me.

    you're actually worse than trump, because without people like you his type of sick filth politics would have a lot less support.

    also lol if you think just because i dont like trump that im automatically some sort of shill for hillary or bernie, or a democrat at all.

    well done

    You manage to sound like a misogynist creep while denigrating Bill Clinton for his own creepy misogyny. Terrific work.

    Trump's statement wasn't simply

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    he thought his daughter was attractive. It was "If she weren't my daughter, I'd date her." As serious as the rape allegations against Willy are, I find Trump's statement far more disturbing.

    Liberal logic....

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    Trump's words are far more disturbing than 20+ instances of sexual assault, rape, cover-up, etc...makes perfect sense.

    Please go for drug testing ASAP...

    If I may

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    I don't think roadman identifies as a "liberal". But keep playing this as a party issue, because clearly that's the REAL importance of it.

    You may...

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    I assumed he identified as liberal because I'm unable to comprehend the idea that a Republican's words are worse than rape by a Democrat.....I could have been wrong though, it happens.


    You do know the difference between "allegations of" and "actual proof", right?

    I hope so, because I heard allegations that Doug1001 is involved in human trafficking.

    That means that you MUST be guilty, right? Just like the extremely and absurdly heavily investigated Benghazi is proof that Hillary Hates America. Right?

    I'd need some sources...

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    I do know the difference, thanks for asking. I didn't mention Benghazi at all by the way.....

    I guess the allegations are false....Bill never had relations with Lewinsky either. The Clintons would never cover up or lie about anything.....nothing to see here...


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    I didn't know that Doug1001 had anything to do with the NBA draft and all that trading of human beings.

    i heard he does

    and i've heard he's not really against incest, so thats basically all i need to know. i guess i understand wanting game of thrones back on but this is some next level desperation :/


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    You're really digging deep with the Clinton defense huh?

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    could be

    but i havent defended anything clinton has ever done, where as your comeback to me asking about a father being sexually attracted to his underage daughter is to ponder what bill clinton was doing 60 years ago

    i don't think bill clinton is some hero

    i dont think he was all that great a president

    i think he was seen by many as likable and cool and was president during a time where a lot of people did very well for themselves, and then was shortly followed up by a president that ruled the country during two wars.

    if proof ever comes to light that he raped or assaulted somebody i'll attack him for that. meanwhile you're getting bent the F out of shape over a QUOTE from donald trump.

    don't hate me, and don't hate bill clinton for what trump said.

    also, answer my question. how old do you think his daughter was when he started to find her attractive?

    Trump comment...

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    First off, nobody's bent out of shape at all.....I don't hate you or anyone else, I replied to roadman's comment and we started talking somehow. I don't even hate Bill, but he's a creep and his wife might be one of the worst candidates in history (and Trump isn't the greatest candidate either, I'm well aware).

    Back to Trump, I'm unclear on the "sexually attracted" part of his comments, but maybe he said something else that I missed...if he did, correct me.

    He said she has a nice figure and that if she weren't his daughter he'd probably date her, right?

    If you need help, click on Swirly's link she posted to me (thanks again, Swirl!) and enter the words "tongue in cheek" to help you understand context. You may not like his attempt at humor, his comments were awkward and he should have worded this whole thing completely differently (or just have avoided it altogether), but I'll go out on a limb here and say that he didn't mean for every word to be taken literally. It was an ill attempt at humor, and he wasn't trying to tell people that he wants to have sex with his daughter.

    To answer your question, I don't think he's attracted to her in that way. I think he loves her just like any father loves his daughter....

    I know you hate the guy, which is fine, but to suggest he wants to bang his daughter is just silly and we both know that.

    You love this joke though so don't let me stop you from using it in the future.

    Hi again, MC Slim

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    Where in my comment did I say "he didn't say that thing he said?"

    I said I couldn't remember a part of his speech that suggested he wanted to bang his daughter....and if I was wrong to please correct me....

    Just like in our other conversation, you took everything out of context. I'll have to watch the clip later.......I guess you missed all of my commentary that he made an ill attempt at humor and that I assume he didn't mean for people to take everything he said literally....

    Actually, did you read anything that I wrote? It appears you just saw the words "Trump" and a few other snippets here and there and jumped to conclusions.

    You're the guy who doesn't see the patent racism

    in Trump's ongoing campaign rhetoric, claiming that any quotes to that effect must be "out of context".

    This makes you either spectacularly obtuse or a deliberate adolescent troll. (I suppose both at once is also a possibility.)

    It's amazing anyone spends any time responding to you on uHub for more than a few posts. You've used up your quota with me.

    The sky is falling, per usual....

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    As I said in our other conversation, people like you are all about manipulating comments to fit your truly baffles's ok to have your agenda if you wish, but to run around and add/subtract comments and cry wolf all the time and take every single word out of context to fit whatever delusional nonsense you came up's truly amazing. I don't know what planet you live on, but it's a scary place.

    If I constantly ignored context and added/subtracted words to everyone's comments, I could wind up making some interesting assumptions too.

    I'm honored that someone as brilliant as you even gave me a quota.....thanks for your time, and good luck hearing whatever you want to hear 100% of the time.



    Also, why do you think that allegations against Slick Willie have not been investigated, when there was a rabid fervor to attack him for making so much as the "wrong" soft drink selection?

    I have no doubt that he was an avid philanderer. But I have yet to see any of these allegations result in anything other than evidence that he was an avid philanderer.

    FTR: I can't stand either Clinton. However, I have less tolerance for rumor mongering amok multiple investigations.

    so be honest.....

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    How can words matter more than rape/sexual assault? Would love to hear some logic behind this - I'm clearly missing something here.

    i never said they did

    and i've never tried to justify one man saying he'd date his daughter with the unrelated actions of another man. where as, you seemingly are. and yes, you are missing something entirely. you think that because people are going after something that trump says in a thread that is about trump that they are giving a pass to things other people do or say.

    you're missing many somethings. also please don't insult logic by pretending that you'd be receptive to it or that it has ANY bearing on how you think or react to these situations.

    your immediate thought to trump saying he'd date his own daughter is to find fault with the allegations of misconduct of another person.

    Try re-reading Roadman's comment....

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    he said this: "As serious as the rape allegations against Willy are, I find Trump's statement far more disturbing." I responded to that.....then after you made your stupid daughter comment out of left field, I assumed you held the same beliefs and asked for further clarification.

    I enjoyed reading all of your generalizations too. That was fun.


    he said allegations

    so damning somebody for something they actually say in front of witnesses, the world, etc is different than taking to heart allegations and concocting a vast conspiracy.

    sorry you let your partisan blinders obfuscate that fact

    Concocting a vast conspiracy?

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    20+ women (I actually don't know how many at this point) who don't know one another all came together randomly to "concoct a vast conspiracy" against Bill?

    That's probably just how it happened. I'm glad we figured that out.

    Good detective work here....

    can't we all just get along?

    Listen. Bill Clinton is a scumbag and a piece of shit. Donald Trump is a disgusting creep who wants to fuck his own daughter. They both deserve to be shot from a cannon into the sun. One of them has definitely done awful things; the other consistently says awful things. No one is a winner in this contest.


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    The HillaryBot would then try to claim that it was under a DDoS attack during the day in question...


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    Would probably blow up after trying to navigate her web of lies over the past 5 decades....


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    would charge you $4,000 a minute. It's not a bribe. It's a "speaking" fee.