MIT students return, destroy car

Destroyed car near MIT

Elmer shows us the remains of ΖΨ fraternity's year-starting carbash, in which people take turns, well, bashing a car.



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    I'm Not Sure How Long It's Been A Tradition At MIT ...

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    ... but forty-some years ago when I attended a rival technical institute on the opposite end of Route-2, carbashing was an annual event.

    Last night, the parking lot at the corner of Mass Ave and Albany Street had a sign saying it would be closed all day Saturday, but since I arrived just after midnight, I went ahead and parked as usual — then I saw the burned out car!

    There were three students sitting by the wayside and, as I got out of my car, one of them walked up and asked if I'd be parking there all night. I told him it would be just for a couple of hours while dancing across the street at Paradise. He said there was a tow truck on the way to pick up their car, and asked if I'd park off to the side to be out of the way.


    Of course, after moving my car, I had to ask the students what the story was. Once they explained about it being a carbash, I knew exactly what it was all about. Even before the tow truck arrived, the students began to clean up the mess. When I left Paradise at 2:30, there was no trace of the bashed car in the parking lot..

    These students worked very hard just to get to MIT — it's even harder to make it through to graduation. The carbash is a celebration where students can physically rid themselves of frustration before starting another year of grueling work.

    Good Luck to the students, and Best Wishes for the new semester!

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    Thanks for the correction and the photo to begin with.


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    Did you goto RPI, too?

    That car bash was still happening 20 years ago, behind the Union at the (I forget the name) big brick frat house.


    Controlled Conditions

    We like to break stuff under controlled conditions.

    You don't see many incidents of cars tipped over and burned around nerd schools when it comes to sportsing victories (or, in the case of Keene, pumpkins).

    Ehh that's not necessarily

    Ehh that's not necessarily true. There were cars flipped at WPI (technically just of campus at the Sole Proprietor) after the 2004 ALCS.

    they are already frustrated?

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    The year has just begun. What happens when the stress cranks up? Torch a city block?

    Opposite end of Route 2

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    a rival technical institute on the opposite end of Route-2

    Williams College?

    Baker House Piano Drop

    MIT's Baker House dorm used to drop a derelict piano from the roof every year. I don't know if they still do this.