More mumps at Harvard; spreads to Tufts

The Crimson reports a total of 16 confirmed mumps cases at Harvard, with some cases now also reported at Tufts and BU.



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    Where to get vaccinated

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    If you were born after 1957, are not sure if you received an MMR vaccine, and are at risk of exposure-- working at one of the universities-- you may want to get the vaccine.

    Even though the effective coverage for mumps reduces over time, most people don't need a re-vaccination. So, if you are an adult who was vaccinated so you could go to first grade, don't stress about it unless you are at high exposure risk or have health issues that may require more attention.

    "Many students who contracted

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    "Many students who contracted the virus at Harvard had already been vaccinated against the disease, but Barry said the vaccine is fully effective just 88 percent of the time."

    So at least 130~ people exposed at Harvard, potentially a lot more.


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    Proof of MMR was required for matriculation only 4 years ago; I can't imagine it's changed. Is there some sort of black market for falsified vaccination records?