Morning Red Line commute was no lark due to dead train between Braintree and Park

Long delays on the Red Line in Quincy

Some headway this morning. Photo by Matt Lacob.

The T says it's gotten the deceased train off the tracks, but that sort of thing always means residual delays and extra jammed cars. Sutter reports:

Passenger on the platform @ Wollaston asked if we can move in a little more. Everyone in the car said "NO." in unison.



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Thoughts & Prayers

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To any delayed commuters who are waiting outside. It's COLD out!


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Brutal timing. 15 min between trains at 8:00am.

At least there was plenty of body heat in the sardine can.

Smoke a bong

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Another stressful commute on the red line, now that smoking a bong is legal puffing away on the platform will relieve stress. Its not like the Transit Police enforce the no smoking cigarette rules.


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That's great! Wait I forgot what I was saying lol

Billing the T my hours lost

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I'm actually serious. An hour freezing my extremities off on an unheated outdoor platform in sub-freezing temperatures instead of actually working and making money. Expect the invoice later today MBTA, I'll be generous and give 30 day terms.

Nothing in state law or on

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Nothing in state law or on the website or fare tariff, etc. says so. I've never heard of such a requirement (at least around here).

And now there's a "police action"

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Which I love because of its vagueness - could be anything from a Sting showing up for a popup cover of "Don't Stand So Close To Me" to a gangland shootout on the platform

Every time

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Every time I hear "Police Action" some how my mind goes into the gutter.....

Gotta love the people that

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Gotta love the people that say "can you move in a little" whren the train is clearly packed. This always happens @ Wollaston There were people who couldn't get on @ Quincy Center so NO you're not gonna get on

To be fair, on the Orange

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To be fair, on the Orange Line at least there are always people that don't actually move in at all. I've given up on asking and either gently nudge them back or push around them. Most of the time it's people who get on the train, stand in one spot, and then bury their face in a phone, book, etc. completely oblivious to their surroundings until their stop.