New to South Boston: Drive-in condos

Bus in a condo building in South Boston

Eileen Murphy happened upon this Southie storrowing on East 1 Street around 8 last night. No injuries, at least.

Jason Muth reports the driver may have been trying to get around a large truck on the other side of the street.



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That must have been a new driver...

But that's seriously scary. That bus is a CNG bus. That white tank on the top is the CNG tank. He could have ripped it off and started a very bad explosion.

There was another option

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They wouldn't ticket an immobile object, but there was a wheeled vehicle illegally parked that may have caused the bus driver to make a bad maneuver.

(And for the record, I heard about this on the 10 o'clock news last night, so I don't accept ignorance of the double parker by this anon)

Should be a bigger story...

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I'm really surprised this is not a bigger story. Somehow a MBTA bus lost control and hit a building. I live down the street from here. There are no stops on East 1st. Buses only use E 1st to get to the bus yard from City Point. They drive wicked fast down 1st. This driver hit a residential building. Fortunately the bus had no pax and no one in the building got hurt - but what/how happened? All we get from the T is a Storrow joke? I'm not laughing. Could have easily been my building.

Bus didn't lose control.

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Bus didn't lose control. Truck was blocking street. Bus attempted 3 point turn. Got wedged under building.


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Thanks for clarifying the details of what happened. My delivery guy told me about the bus last night and I saw the blue lights. I still be upset if I lived in that building.

That makes a lot more sense.

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That makes a lot more sense. I couldn't understand why the bus (even if it was going around an illegally parked truck) would be stuck while pulling into a private driveway.

Also, it's a real shame that these buildings have basically taken over the sidewalk. It makes for a real claustrophobic walk down the street and the city doesn't have room to install street lights here because of the overhangs (there are no lights here).

Last night

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I asked Eileen about this. Someone said the road was blocked off so the driver was trying to turn around.

i agree

scary stuff. the driver clearly lost control and took a hard left into a residential building. good thing they went into the parking area and not directly into the building. i see these T buses fly down 1st fast and all the time. could have happened to any building.

edit: my b... comments above were not posted before. still kinda crazy that a bus driver got wedged in there. not sure why you would attempt something like that even if blocked.... better off trying to back down 1st and turn at a street.

The buses absolutely fly down

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The buses absolutely fly down 1st Street. Between L and D, only local tractor trailers and buses are allowed through, so it limits a large amount of noisy traffic. But the MBTA buses are the worst offenders of high speeds and not stopping at crosswalks along 1st St.
Now that 1st St. has become a bit more residential, it needs better lighting/sidewalks as well as other traffic-calming measures.

Yeah, but those are only

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Yeah, but those are only stops going in the opposite direction on E 1st from the depot. The route this driver was using was the one to transport from the depot to the storage yard. It's used often, and the buses are marked out of service.


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We have had some chit chat on twitter.

I've gathered (and Eileen feel free to chime in, I know you read Uhub!).. she's a long time Southie resident who cares immensely about her community. She's also a great photographer and has her camera in her hand pretty much at all times. So often, she's walking around taking photos of Southie and just happens to stumble on newsy stuff.

She's just great. Both her (@chipsy231) and Maureen Caught (@caughtinsouthie). Follow both on twitter, always good stuff posted.

El Cheapo

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I'm surprised the whole building didn't come down. I have seen them being built along with a bunch in this same block with the same design. Doesn't appear to be much to them.