New way for the T to boost ridership

Turkey on a car in Brookline

Renee Graham went out to her Coolidge Corner driveway this afternoon, only to be confronted with this situation:

Guess I'll take the T tonight...

Not long after, though, the bird flew the, um, coupe:

But wait, could there be something worse than a menacing turkey?



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    Actually, turkeys can fly a bit. I used to have a yard with lots of trees, and the turkeys would fly into the lower branches and hang out. It was always disconcerting; they really don't look like they belong in trees at all.


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    I've seen them in the high branches. Don't recall seeing them actually in flight, however..hmmm.

    As I am God's Witness

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    Have definitely seen them fly. Very noisy, not graceful, but competent fliers. I think mostly in short bursts.

    They can fly

    I've had them roosting in my trees, maybe thirty feet up.

    They are not graceful when they land.

    A bit?

    I watched a coyote come around the corner of the house across the street and surprise a turkey early one morning. The turkey flew straight up into a big oak tree and landed about 60 feet off the ground.

    I guess...

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    I guess that gives a new meaning of the term "Turkey Train"...

    less adorable in person.

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    less adorable in person. turkeys are jerks and they will try to attack you.