Now Wilkerson faces disbarment

The Globe reports the state Bar Counsel wants state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson disbarred, saying she lied under oath during a 2005 court hearing involving her nephew:

In both the court appearance and in the affidavit, Wilkerson falsely claimed that she was present at a Boston police station when two homicide detectives interviewed another relative, Isaac Wilkerson, about the 1994 stabbing death of Hazel Mack, the petition said.

The complaint now goes before the state Supreme Judicial Court.

The office was acting on a complaint brought by the Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society against Wilkerson. Wilkerson has long had a stormy relationship with Boston police.



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    Lying under oath and false

    Lying under oath and false testimony are criminal violations.

    I wonder why this DA passed on prosecuting this.

    Instead, the Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Vindictive Society filed a complaint with the bar about a potential ethics violation, and clearly the bar counsel has decided the case has merit. She stands to lose her license to practice law.

    We can't have lawyers - officers of the court - lying under oath... can we?

    ...reminds me of a joke. How can you tell when a lawyer is lying?


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    This is still a democracy and everyone has a right to support whom they choose. Likewise, Senator Wilkerson's supports have the right to fight and ensure she stays in office. The community behind her values the work she has done, and that should speak for itself. This lady is not a criminal, has stolen nothing, and does not deserve to be dragged through the mud for one mistake. Let the people decide on Election day.


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    Senator Wilkerson is not guilty of perjury. She has been charged with it but that does not make her guilty. If we listen to all that has been said, there would be no reason for a trial. Regardless of what is fair, once in the media as guilty, its over. This should not be the case but in our society it is.